Your baby drinks to reduce your fever – Health, Education and Benefit – Notes


February 18 .- A doctor has shared a situation that has made a great deal of anger among consumers, as a woman, in particular "you have a drink" to bring the fever down, the doctor said He was small with light fever, but "The little angel has drunk."

Through her Facebook the Dr. Alberto Estrada Retes the difficult experience of her; when he was a six-month-old child's treatment; blue office, sweeping and sweating.

In the publication by Dr. Challenges, it can be read that the family had a party and the child had a fever, so one host said that they would outdoors their child across his body, and and although Alcohol dropped the temperature down, and also drunk the baby.

"It was swept away, and when it cleansed it as soon as the drink dries the heat from its skin, it is the problem that it reduces it, as if the boy would throw a mezcalito himself.

The doctor told her that the parents came to her afternoon post to look at her son, who had a little fever. The doctor ordered acetaminophen and told them, if the fever was infected; follow, they would bring it back for more detailed scrutiny.

The doctor was surprised when the child's parents call it at 2:00 pm saying: "He slowly stretches, turned blue and moved, he completely walked and he misleads and swears ", so they went to the emergency room.

In the hospital, he investigated that the numbers of acetaminophen that were donated correctly. When he came to the baby, he noticed a little suspicious, reached his nose when he saw the baby.

The parents suggested that they provided the children's alcohol until the fever grew down, instead of having to do it; Waiting for the medication to come true.

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