Your first trailer for Artemis Fowl could make you believe in fairies


Artemis Fowl (Ferdia Shaw) and defending his loyalty, Butler (Nonso Anozie), drops the world of fairies while & # 39; as they are looking for a father.
Enlarge / / Artemis Fowl (Ferdia Shaw) and defending his loyalty, Butler (Nonso Anozie), drops the world of fairies while & # 39; as they are looking for a father.

A 12-year-old criminal maker will be given in the fairy world in the first detector for changing the Disney movie of a sci-fi novel / fantasy Artemis FowlNext and we do not speak Tinkerbell. These are badass fairies with neodrino handhelds, which can stop time. Everything is done for something amazing and Coinneach Branagh (Thor) at the helm to do well for the film's success.

There are eight books Artemis Fowl a series by the Irish author Eoin Colfer, describing the extensive initiatives that have been on her; character. In the first novel, general reviews were received and some comparisons were made with J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series, although Colfer's books have never been the only success of achieving stratospheric trading. Disney complains that it is so strong Artemis Fowl row on the big screen.

Colfer describes his novels as "Distribution by fairies. "

Compared to Calfer, which tells how his novels are more like "Distribution by fairies. "Artemis is an anti-Harry Potter. It's a thief and kidnapper, among other bad things, and he's really unhappy with remorse. of his hound.

In the first book, Artemis is 12 years of age living largely without directing in the bird's home. His father (Artemis Fowl I) is lost, and his mother has been saddened with sorrow. He is responsible for defending a faithful, Butler, to be a companion. They climb over a port to the world of peace, and Artemis is a trying to steal and keep a fairy man in order to give money to fund his father's research. The fairies recite, and Artemis must influence their magic powers. It's a fiction, and so it's naturally to see it; succeed, and his mother is cured in his nostalgia.

Artemis continues to rescue from the Russian Mafia father in the second book and he's finishing in partnership with the fairies he was fighting first to help them to force a goblin army. There has been some disagreement with regard to whether Branagh's film change includes events that may be " first two books or just the first one, but this July, Colfer said in an interview that's just a few, first event in the book.

Branagh described the film to Nerdist as an original story, comparing Artemis's character of character to Michael Corleone in the work of Francis Ford Coppola in 1972, The Diafather"Post not literally," warned Branagh. The likeness of the story is similar to that, in that Artemis, like Michael, firstly, he is half aware of his father's work level, because he has kept pace from everyday information. "I give you a warning, a boy," a voice to her; croaks are bigger in the garden. "You're not ready for the truth behind what you want." And as Michael, at the end, Artemis must decide whether this world should be accepted.

In this case, it is a magic world; which includes a Low Police (LEP) force, trolls, dwarves, and goblins, all that are located under the "real" human world. Branagh is an incredible choice in Branagh; film management Artemis Fowl, because of how good it was to; sailing on the middle ground that was easy between magic and science in the first Thor film for Marvel. Bonus: Dame Judi Dench plays a LEP marker with a different species (the male character in the novel) with her usual room.

Artemis Fowl Visit the theater 9 August, 2019.

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