Your horse is your tongue;


"Your horse is your tongue; What is known, but what about the signs that appear on language and show health problems?

Usually, some signs of the language give warning about health problems and often they are in a position; early warning of diseases you are not aware.

We give you 12 warning signs to your health, according to Mind Body Green, and other sources. We & # 39; Verify that this information is general and that it is for reference only and does not stop the doctor's visit.

1- A white row is above its language
This white series appears on the surface of its & language as a result of overflowing meat, a mouth-mouthed state. In fact, there are fungi and microbanks that are normal in our bodies, but sometimes they do it; get out of control and cause problems.

These fungi may occur as a result of non-oral bacteria, which usually tend to; virus infection, as well as the number of antibiotics that cause fungi growth.

This can be removed by suppressing your teeth and the surface of your tongue permanently, and check your doctor to see if there is a special medication that prevents bacteria in the mouth, a & # 39; allow the fungus to grow on the tongue.

2- The scattered white language
If the spots are small, this can also be a sign of mouthwash, and then clean your mouth every day. If the problem is progressing or going to # 39; grow bigger, visit your doctor as quickly as possible.

3. Red language
If your tongue has an unusual red color, you may have a bacterial disease. If you also note that your roof is hurt, you should see your doctor directly for healing. If there is no bitter neck, the tongue changes directly to red because you need more vitamin B and iron. So foods eat foods such as lentils, beans, spirals, wild taxes and fish.

4. soft language
The tongue is healthy if the surface is rough, because there is a small pavilion. But if your tongue is more dining than usual, it may be a bit worse; Identifying a deficiency of B12 or iron bombamine, which causes the papillae.

5. Black language
The black tongue is waxing in the poor state, in which the filiform papilla is extended and expanded on the surface of its tongue, changing to black-brown.

This happens because & # 39; And the papillae is a stop to & # 39; removing the cells of the skin usually dead, which makes them grow longer, then then Collecting bacteria and food taxes on "hair" and here the color changes to "black".

This situation is linked to a number of factors, such as:

The situation is usually improved, long-term, long-term & s the deputy is stopped, and the patient is caring out of his mouth.

6. Blue or purple language
If you change your tongue to purple or blue, this may be a bad exposure. However, in some cases, change of color can be a fault marker in the strange system. If the problem continues, you should see your doctor.

7- Strands on the tongue
A language with irregular white lines, similar to grid, may have a problem with the protection system, a state called a flat neck, an ongoing continuous disease. spoil mucous shades in the mouth.

This situation causes pain or sensitivity in the mouth, together with white or red places in the hair and cheeks, as well as the gombs. If you have any of these symptoms, consult the doctor as quickly as possible, especially because this situation can cause your problems, difficult.

Why is the white tongue? (Pixabee)

8. Waste tongue
Although faults on the surface of your tongue are very common, deep faults may appear to be a problem with a security system and, need medical professional attention. Even if they are willing to be unsure, the faults on the surface of your tongue are suitable places to hide for bacteria, so you need to clean your tongue a bit; usually to prevent infection.

9 – badies on the tongue
The white or red irregular spots that appear on the surface of your tongue (also known as "the geographical language") are in a unfavorable health condition, which is usually the case; Comes from a fattened skin, tied to tight or bitter foods. These spots may also occur with too much smoking or even sensitivity to a dance or mouthwash pass.

10 eyes
If you have an ulcer on your tongue, or anywhere else in your mouth, and if you have not returned after more than a week, you should immediately visit your doctor.

Tunnel hyperplasia
Tongue hyperplasia is often an indication of the non-active thyroid gland (winter). There are many ways to naturally cure doroid. However, the misunderstanding caused by language expansion may mean that you need to get a medical advice.

12 – the thin language
A thin or lesser language appears rather than a precise indication of a & # 39; dried. In most instances, you can quickly cure this problem by using a # 39; Increase your daily water. If the problem is going on and you're sure you're drinking enough water, you should talk to your doctor to solve the problem.

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