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Responding to & # 39; A panel in the test related to trillions of gambling, Phan Thu Huong (Pana's sister of Nam Nam) was prosecuted, because of her relationship. The sisters and grandchildren of Phan Sao Nam were small), an action was hidden for the person; left Phan Sao Nam. With that, the defendant, Huong, said he always believes that he is legal, but when he works with crime-based research organizations.

"Identifies the sentence of her mother's error, sister of Phan Sao Nam's sister. At this time, the person is protected by recovering the money that she has given her. ; investigation body contacted the accused of more than 236 billion, "said Phan Thu Huong complained that he was poor.

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Phan Thu Huong Defense.

Mrs Hương sobbed: "Men, mother and family always believe that children are related to a family and a good citizen. In the meantime, children have no conditions away from home, mother and family to recall children, but here you see a mother and family that you are willing to do. I believe in justice and humanity. ; Trial Panel, I will return to the family and society. I wish you all the time, enthusiasm and goodwill. I do not; bother you anyway. "

According to their prejudice, after Phan Thi Huong received an initial source of illegal income from an online game campaign, Phan Thu Huong asked Phan Thu Huong to send money into the census he, Huong agreed.

So, Phan Sao Nam ordered the Nguyen Trong Thang – Chairman of the Lottery Company Board to give the surplus of 201 billion and Le Van Kien is a " pay the sum of 15 billion to account for Son Son in total more than 216 billion, then Does a Mac move money to Phan Thu Huong's savings account.

In addition, Phan Thu Huong received money from many other sources of Sao Nam Phan who were transferred to Huong's account, and so Phan Sao Nam's total amount is over 236 billion.

After that, Huong used the money to buy 01 land 953.8m2 at 45 – Le Quy Don, Ward 3, District 7, Ho Chi Minh Town. Surveyors have disturbed the land. Phan Thu Huong has paid 12 billion VND to the Examination Group for legal treatment, the amount of money received is more than 224 billion.

The above functions of Phan Thu Huong comprise a "cash call" crime defined at Item 3, Section 251 of the Criminal Code 1999, have been amended and added in 2009.

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Rescuer Phan Sao Nam turned to his mother in court

Earlier, at the start of the test, the Panamanian prosecution panel followed the accused – who chaired VTC Online. At the hearing, Judge Nguyen Thi Thuy Huong stated that in the petition sent by Phan Sao Nam to the Phu Tho Provincial People's Court before hearing.

So, Nam said, with the money earned by a gambling group, if the bank is, the day can also win 200 million. However, because it was a & # 39; Seeing misstep, the person cooperates with the Security Monitoring Group to overcome the effects.

At a lawsuit, Phan Sao Nam also wants to sell the difficult resources to get more money to find out what; the effect of his case. However, Phan Sao Nam suggested that three phones be turned back because this is his mother's phone, including family pictures and does not use the link in the home but not commit crimes.


Regarding the organization of gambling, the defendant said that he did not even expect to introduce money, even though his / her; his contract with the CNC only to distribute the 5-VND 15 billion income sharing.

Defender Phan Sao Nam, despite the breach of the law but asked for permission in science, said the defendant was almost proud of his success.

For a house in District 9 (Ho Chi Minh Town), Sao Sao Phan discovered that ownership owned by himself and his wife, who was not related to his case. However, the research agreement, Southern family, sold this house to overcome the effects.

Responding to the question of lawyer Hoang Huong: "It is known, now, it is 3 children, that it is small, with children over the age of 10, a child of the year, so the after selling his house, where his wife and family are. "Sao Sao Sao raised up, raising his eyes, saying:" My wife and my children are living in a rented home , three of the people were protected by their grandfather or grandfather, and the houses in the south were sold to overcome the effects. "

Then, the Panel must ask: "Did the person justify the legal question calmly?"

Also at this morning's court, Phan Sao Nam's mother told this moment to continue her. Believe that his son is a child good. She also praisedWith the help of a mobile phone that a host has captured South Vietnam, because this is the phone she gave to the south.

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