Your mother's mother


Laila Bird calls from the tune Bangladesh. Though his song is popular throughout the sub-country. Girl Tani Laila He's also singing. This time the song was first sung by Mom. And 14 years later, they will sing together.

On the 10th of March, Tani's song was recorded in studio music High Street; Raja Kashif in London was completed in London on 11 March. The song is about why I have come to; The song which was written by the bookkeeper Ekushey Padakakit Gazi Mazharul Anwar

After recording the song, Runa Laila said, 'Because many singers have sung songs in my own song, there was a desire to sing a song with the tanike from my beginning. Furthermore, when I told Tani to sing, I would like to sing the song with a great interest. Tani's voice is going to that – I have such a tune. Overall, Tani sung the song well. I am satisfied with his song. We hope you enjoy the song. # 39;

Tani Laila is delighted to sing in her mother's voice. Earlier, on the day of his love day, Runa Laila donated the song 'Farheet Parni Tumaye & # 39'; music in Raja Kashif. The song was written by award-winning musician Kabir Bakul.


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