Your sales receipt may last up to Friday … we are going to see it. explain you why


If you're buying this Friday, 1 February, you may be very surprised by sending a # 39; See the final amount displayed on your receipt. The Agriculture and Food Act will take place and allows farmers to be paid better, by paying more attention to the production costs, it will also affect the prices of many materials that It's a great deal in supermarkets.


What the law is giving

The Food Law builds 10% of the re-sale of sale products (SRPs) on food or animal feeding. Which means if the 1 euro product is purchased by the distributor, it must be sold at least 1.10 euros. Therefore, the 10% represents the smallest edge required by distributors. As a result, distributors need to reduce their edges on agricultural products (milk, vegetables, meat, fish), to allow better payment farmers.


Why is food prices rising?

For a summary, "we have nothing to do anything". Distributors disperse their margins on agricultural products sold in supermarkets, recover "profit profits" on a prestigious and above all that is well sold, where the beds are very low because they are under the influence of a competitive competition. Despite this, all distributors do not value this solution. Of course, customers may not be unhappy and let's know …


What results are affected by the increase?

Products that are sold by all brands are worried, in other words, materials found in most French races. Paris-Today France has reached a leading salesman who has increased its price for 24 large products. " The flames total at 6.3% ", Ensure that the daily ones, which provide hard examples. The Pastis, Ricard has a maximum (+ 9.9%) increase of 1 liter or does not vary from 18.75 euros to 20.61 euros. # 39; 750 grams of Nutella rose from 4.05 to 4.39 euros (+ 8.4%) and Evian (+ 6.1%) mineral water rises from 0.49 euros to 0.52 euros. Together, these small elevations will affect .


Vendors are already thinking about their strategy

In September 2018, Michel Édouard Leclerc, head of the eponymous hypermarkets, had " a billion euro share on purchasing power Although the Ministry of Agriculture believes that " This price increase will only represent 7% of a housewife basket
"On 7th or 8th of February, the ministry was involved, which was expected to meet the economy and the supermarkets. To measure this increase, shareholders already have a & Thinking about strategies, such as the benefits of their loyalty chart or lower prices on the motto.

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