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According to police, the security knew about the danger of being killed when Pedro was moved. The Department of Manuscript analyzes images that & # 39; shopper to address the drafts and this can change the type of crime to which the passwords, which will be left after paying $ 10,000 of a trust, will respond.

To that end, the security would respond to human health, when no expectation is killed. On Monday (18), the police said that it will also confirm the responsibility of the other passwords that are. appear in the images – by distressing.

Security is already convicted

Davi Ricardo Moreira Amâncio has already been convicted of three months in prison for her injuries to the corpse of an old partner and can not work as a guardian.

According to a woman's account, after a debate on jealousy, he attacked her with several pieces in front of her face.

In law, David's confirmation prevents working as a watchdog. He took up a career course in May 2017 and was recruited in December the same year. Leave the conviction for the next day's attack; hiring.

According to Federal Police, David's papers would be recycled during recycling for May 2019. The PF says that there is no way to be aware that some passengers were convicted in this time.

On Sundays (17), objectors gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Pernambuco in stores and a supermarket store for activities that were " the death of Pedro Henrique.

In Rio, words with "words of life" and "My color is not crime" were not plucked into a local defensive grid.

Men will lie on the floor when they go; protest - Photograph: Matheus Rodrigues / G1 Men will lie on the floor when they go; protest - Photograph: Matheus Rodrigues / G1

Men will lie on the floor when they go; protest – Photograph: Matheus Rodrigues / G1

On Friday (15), TV Globo TV had images of security camera from the premier store that shows its start; insanity that ended with the death of his son.

The video shows Pedro a & # 39; runs to the watchdog, which stands next to a large shopkeeper near the station entrance. They seem to talk for a minute and a woman is in a while; come in. Then Pedro Henrique falls to the ground.

The clerk and the security to build their & # 39; boy, but the error is continuing and it's a & # 39; falling the second time. In a shared shared video on social networks, you can see the young person moved. Firemen still tried to reconstruct Pedro Henrique, but the young man did not stop.

David's Security David Amâncio told police in a statement that Pedro Henrique was weird and it was a danger that everyone would be killed on the scene. In the statement, the security person says that the boy once said, "I'll kill! I'll kill!"

The guard said in a certificate not to emphasize Pedro with his neck and he said "it was only with the pressure of the victim".

"It's lying, it's lying, it's a good feeling like it had been saved before." "It's lying, it's lying," said the defense.

Additionally says they will eliminate your violent actions

In a statement, an additional supermarket network said that "it does not accept the activities of violence or diversity and it implies all types of racism."

Also in the text says "it will not be desirable before the event" and "interest in clarifying the situation as quickly as possible". "We cooperate with the authorities to provide all available information," said the statement.

He also said that the security guards that were involved in the immediate death of the young and certainly the removal "and that" its company had established internal research and joining to a & # 39; security company and the competent agencies with the surveys. "

"There is nothing to express a loss of life. A company has a close relationship with the families Pedro Henrique de Oliveira Gonzaga in this moment of pain and sorrow , "the show says.

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