Your wedding in spring 2019. These are the latest party movements


Professional wedding designers praise mixing traditional elements and bare contrast, including black objects, during the Spring Wedding in 2019. This is the latest wedding movements for Spring 2019: t

1 Tropical visit
It is great to have a concert on a beach or island, and even if this is not available, you can add a tropical input, such as palm fronds, 39, a traditional flower arrangement.

Fàs and the Spring
It is a modern definition to grow in the spring, where the participants will plant seed seeds at the beginning of the alliance, and plant these plants in the wedding as a wedding, to show how friendships grow.

3, black on the boards
Although the spring is famous for the pastel colors, this year 's move is using black in board decorations, whether it's a base, candles or other.

Go back to traditions
There has been a recent shift in terms of returning to the traditional wedding traditions, such as top brands of wedding cake, or traditional wedding receptions.

Fun Sports Concert
This is demonstrated by the use of ornamental balloons, or food items for children and teenagers, fireworks and other sporting features.

Science fiction
There has been a recent move in using visual outputs to suggest the types of science fiction films and this is an innovative idea, but it needs to be rigorous.

Business Parks
If there is no outdoor garden for the event, you can set up a business park within the area by using plant chandeliers, flowers and trees planted in boxes, as well as out of date. using bedclothes on the bed and using flowers such as cake decorating.

8 purple color
Last year 's weddings are still purple. T

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