"You're not embarrassed …", Calu Rivero got a critical criticism


Calu Rivero He returned to Argentina to go back to old love, acting. However, he did not leave behind his job that gave him so much satisfaction when he was living in New York, model. After a difficult decision to leave "Dulce amor", an female actress She became exile in the Apple Apple and paid significant and important messages for the obvious opposition to their advertising campaigns.

That's where ban-dia influencing his interest already for fashion, and so, from one moment to another, he was very famous and sought by the most exclusive crests, crests, tools , among others. Now she has returned to her native country, the singer is preparing for "Campanas en la noche", Telefe fiction by Esteban Lamothe, and the cause of sex harassment who started his co-worker; formerly Juan Darthés.

However, although she knows that she has returned the right decision, she was encouraged to travel again with Longchamp, a French leather products company who chose her as a model for her new collection of collections, envelopes, handbags, among other special things of this international logo set up in Paris, France. "Then, the geography begins in central Kenya," he wrote young A picture with a beautiful view of nature behind.

"Every time I travel, I feel a bit of bit in the ?. I'm sure we love to love, and overcome cultural differences and traditions, all of us, we're all tied and that's a really comfortable, "he wrote in another book with new images of photo creation.

When they saw the pictures, a praise sentence invaded web: "What do you think about this lab?", Not sure it was a job trip and not going to; enjoyment or sale, although Calu knows how the two will be combined perfectly.

But this was not the message he had taken into account, but then the artist was questioned hard because they thought it was a hard mission; , like its former ones in very useful countries. "Are you not embarrassed to go to Kenya to make an arrow with people's poverty and hunger … just for trying to look after them in close relationship?" Write one person in the views of the social network. Another internet user added: "We came to the south side of Rosario … we have one step down from Kenya".

Awesome! Look at the pictures:

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