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Cuirm na 2019 Grammy He surprised film fans. Disney was exhibited in a commercial soldier whose first expanded rushes of "Aladdin" ("Aladino" in Latin America), the remake with flesh actors and the classical animation blood.

The promotion, which is already available in an official channel YouTube of the factory, which shows more specifically the characters of Mena Massoud (Aladdin), Naomi Scott (Jasmine), the Genius (Will Smiht), among other memorable characters.

It is the most comprehensive scene of the best films in 2019. Before this train came into YouTube rescuers were taken out. The first came to October 2018 and the second one was the next month.

"Aladdin" is directed by Guy Ritchie and will be released in June this year. The story will mix its & # 39; classical class class with stories about "The thousand and one night" and "The thief in Baghdad", but this time with people is very important.

The summary of the original movie reads as follows:

"An Aladd is an ingenious young man who lives in extreme poverty, but he dreams about marrying the beautiful girl of the Sultan, prince Jasmine. " The split will translate when the sultan's sabbath, Jafar, employs Aladdin to help him with a magic lamp from the depths of the Wonder of the Wonder … Aladdin finds a remarkable lamp with glory inside, and her wishes are; begin to come true. "

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