Remember when all YouTube videos were designed by a number of remote notes that transmitted parts of the screen and its output; you push? Well, that last time that drags it is very hard. The video platform terminated its editor's notes notes on May 2, 2017, and stopped any features that are currently on 15 January 2019.

It's not a big shot – there were never good notes – but it's just how much part of YouTube's history was needed. Live notes were made in 2008 and were used directly by YouTube fans to sell a girl and her; praising new videos. Although this may be a help from a business perspective for the individual YouTuber, the notes have been added to visual visibility to spectators, and they were not made with a high mobility mind smiling.

In 2016, YouTube launched screensavers as a new interface for video and video link links without using clunky jobs; including pounds. The site also included cards, slower device, fewer, mind for video media.

After these features have come to fruition, Google noted that the use of notes had decreased by over 70 percent by early in 2017, is directed to complete the notes editor that is in spring. Now, we have our right handbag for older pounds, so you can do it; Watching the favorite oldest school video now for flashback to a more streamlined time is still worse – or let them die in peace.