YouTube started to offer free movies with ads


Films such as Terminator or Rocky are available for some users on the unpaid platform.

Google lets a new dimension to its YouTube video platform. By Ad Ad, some of the free movies are available to some users, but with advertising. Please add to Google that does not offer a free movie game for Google yet. The department's position to say that the US is not a n; help in this case.

The news has been in the world since October in the same section of the usual sales and rental movies of YouTube. With around 100 titles such as Terminator, Real Blonde, Zoo Investigator, Agent Cody Banks, and Rocky, there is an opportunity to watch free. However, advertising will stop the page, just like classic videos.

Of netflix all over the world, Netflix is ​​nearly 14% off. (Source: editing)

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"It's also a great opportunity for advertisers," said Rohit Dhawan, Director of Production Marketing of the company. In his words, it is about a community demand response. Details of the publishing agreement are not published publishers.

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