Yuan Weiren was in comatose for 36 days. He heard that his children say "goodbye". His eyes are very scarce and uneasy. | Recreation Today's news


▲ In the first phase! The brain of Yuan Weiren's brain hemorrhage, and his friend:
▲ Cerebral hemorrhage Weiren was coma, and he heard the kids' shed tears. (Figure / go from Yuan Weiren Facebook)

In mid-October, Yuan Weiren was sent to Shanghai for brain hemorrhage and then found his brain tumor. He is still in coma. Lu Yuanqi's old wife went to Shanghai for her first time with a pair of children. After that, she returned to Taiwan to continue working, and her children went with her father. Recently, two brothers and sisters returned to Taiwan to show their father's situation. When Yuan Weiren heard that two children said "goodbye", they went into tears and refused to let them go.

According to Apple Daily, Yuan Weiren's son, Yuan Yi, is 16 years old and his daughter, Yuan Rongcai, is 13 years old. Recently two went to Shanghai to visit Dad alone, and they revealed that the patient in the unit was very careful like tug-of-war. They can not say they won. "They said, when they returned to Taiwan and said that they were active with Yuan Weiren, Yuan Weiren was willing to enter into tears and kept his hands tight, until the two brothers and sisters had a & 39; feeling very tough.

▲ Lu Yuanqi (first left from left) and Yuan Weiren were split, for two children actively named, Live live live coverage online to make money. (Photo figure / booklet)

The report said that the current situation was at Yuan Weiren, as the doctor could not go away, and Yuan Yi had previously appeared: "Dad's eyes were turned!" Uncertainly, she was later suspended, who made her believe that she did not; The condition of patients with poor illness can be open. I can only believe that with my dad.

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