Yushu in Qinghai suffers from snowstorms. Multiple-party forces participating in disaster relief and disaster relief Snowstorm Yushu Qinghai _ China News


Original title: Yushu, Qinghai suffered from snowstorms. Multi-party forces participated in accident relief.

Well: CCTV

CCTV News: Since the snow was once again (16th), the Independent Yushu Tibetan Residency in the Qinghai Department was completed. The problem in the county has reached more than 5 mm in 12 hours. Snow is still going on, and it is possible to reach the Blizzard level. From January 20 to February 10, four snow snowflakes have made Yushu suffer from snowstorms.

According to the Yushu Meteorological Management Bureau, in the next three days, there will be more snowbill in Yushu to the north and north of Guoluo. Over 60% -70% of the Yushu administration area and Daluo County and Maduo County of Guoluo are covered with snow, and due to the high altitude and low temperatures, the snow is weak. At this time, the depth of the snow is between 5 and 10 centimeters, and in some areas it is longer than 15 centimeters. Many experiments are still involved in traffic production and livestock.

Multi-party partnership, disaster relief, continuation

News from Relief Relief Yushu Press Work Emergency Command Work: As today (17th), 72 towns suffered in 28 towns and towns in 6 (city) of Yushu Quanzhou from different levels of storms snow, a & # 39; affecting over 55,300 people. The number of dead animals was 18,887 (hits).

The two levels of government in Yushu Prefecture in the Qinghai Department have set up a budget of 15 million yuan, offering a unique asset for 1.15 million yuan, distributing 480.3 tonnes of disaster relief food and 9680 pieces of different materials; He completed supply materials with 22,918.31 tonnes and was stored in 68 devices. It launched 8719 rooms, put forward more than 2,000 army and grass management staff, and took an active part in moving movement, snow-moving and ice movement.

In the medical field, more than 120 medical workers were moved, and 17 medical teams were set up to visit the disaster areas and spread different types of drugs against drugs that are more than 260,000 yuan At the same time, bidding insurance work was started, and an online survey of 3301 cattle and dead sheep was completed. To date, 4,634 full members have been restated, with more than 72,100 heads transferred.

Snow caused some delays to air

In terms of transport, the bus-shuttle from Yushu to Xining today is usually operating. However, due to snow weather, travel rates will not be met. At the moment, there is a delay in the airport at Yushu Airport. Passengers can make the airport, air service service, or download appropriate mobile phone software to learn flight information.

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