Yutu goods are sold. 2 Continuing to & # 39; walk behind the moon, and the fourth part of the payment fee is turned forward – 新浪 网


  1. Follow visitors Yutu No. 2 walking behind the moon, and the fourth payers 嫦娥 Bee started. Sina.com
  2. 嫦娥 4 Lander and patrol successfully divide Yutu No. 2 and came to the back of the moon to return to the first selfie – China on China
  3. The revised version of "Yu Rabbit No. 2" is behind the moon. How is it different from "Jade Rabbit"? -News Science Times
  4. Yutu Àir. 2, behind the moon, the fourth part of the payroll work, Sina.com
  5. 嫦娥 4 Lander is separated from the patrol. Yutu Àir. 2 leave her & # 39; first search of the background.
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