Zabolotny with himself Ronaldo 02/11/2019 news on SOCCER.RU


Next "Zenith" Anton Zabolotny in that he was calm about criticizing.

Are invaders like Fat that do not visit regularly? Let's go on. Leo Messi and Ronaldo … For a while, Ronaldo lost less. Then there was great criticism. Unless it is impossible. He is also the Zenith. Everyone who goes up the stairs will meet barriers. Criticists want to put you down all the time. And maybe that's not a person. Perhaps just with her principal: where did you come from? Who are you here? I have a bad way, but I'm going through it. No fat is under care about the estimates. He won the tournament all over the world. What can you bring to the FIFA World Cup?

In fact, there were times when I was worried about criticism. All this happened. If you start to get crime, take a step back.

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