Zaira Nara's daughter "frightened" to see Wanda as home and face mask


Zaira Nara traveled to Italy with her daughter, Malaika, for astonishment Wanda, which turned 32 on 10 December. He reached an unknown to his house and the maidens opened the door for him with a complete problem. The business in her drawing room was well-treated and she was very enjoyable when she saw her sister and daughter.

"What's more beautiful than surprising? Even when they're not waiting for you … We're here for your birthday, Wanda. We can not lost ", wrote the host. Morfi in a video shared on his social networks.

In a recording, it can be seen in a & # 39; knocked at her door with her daughter of her army and waiting to meet her. eye. The girl, dressed in a dress and a yellow face mask, had frightened her when she opened her. Malaika shouted when she saw her father's sister, and everyone talked about social networking. Would it have been spent to identify it?

Wanda was once again with her Malaika daughter.
Wanda was once again with her Malaika daughter.

"As the girl was scared", "Poor Mali, she was sorry when Wanda opened the door," I do not know if I'm crying for the emotions or laughter with a girl's motions Zaira, "said some of the ideas.

For Wanda, this time is very important. She has been struggling for a long time since her children, Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto, have seen her father, Maxi López. As this was not enough, close pictures of dads were released and everyone is talking about it.

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