Zala and Gasper: Lee Lee There's no worry about Sirk


Zala and Gasper launch the Eurovision 2019 mission. Photograph: MMC RTV SLO

Following the impact of Saturday, Mlada Mariborčani will participate in the MMC online chat room, which will be held in May for the Eurovision Gold Contest in Tel Aviv. Ann, they said they did not think about her; It's possible that the impact on Emi would be deferred: "It's an exciting challenge and a chance to find out something new."

"Now the scene is very friendly to us, we can make music with Zalo and we're brilliant. We're lucky," Gašper, who also added his music knowledge he had received in Prague, said. In their songs, Gašper is more likely to hear a fifth, saying in the # 39; final part of the song Leut.

Eme 2019 winning song: Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl – Sebi

They will keep the message and style

Everything, text, music and arrangement work alone and together. "We both have basic music education, but formal education does not appear to be the most important thing, even in creative waters," the convinced musicians who still do not think about the performance at Eurovision. It is obvious that there is only one thing: "We'll definitely keep your message and style!"

Zala said she had been watching Eurovision for many years. "Over the years, my wishes and priorities could be changed, but it is part of my childhood's dreams to stand on the Eurovision level, which still exists in me, and I look forward to staying. " It is their favorite song with Slovenia who participated in Eurovision Just love from the post SistersSouth Westerly

Lei may have been a little unhappy, but it should be understood that Ema's event is full of emotions and sometimes you do not know what you are doing. There is no personal crime, the media all expressed a whole.

Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl

There were many questions related to the statement with one of the guards Let Sir, which is achieved above after the winners have been announced Raiven she said yes "he can not believe". Zala and Gasper do not care for any grudge: "Lei may have been a little unhappy, but you must understand that this performance is full of anecdotes and sometimes you do not know exactly what you are doing. Personal crime is not There, the media have pushed something on the whole thing, " they will set down a & # 39; dance.

Ask if it was possible to happen to & # 39; featured on Eurovision as a couple, Gašper responded to philosophy: "When you cycle on a cycling, you always need to look where you wanted to go and where you do, because you always want to go where you're aiming. So this is not an option. "

Zala and Gašper on Monday morning Morning morning
EMA Rating 2019

This year's election EMA 2019 on Wednesday, February 16, 2019, usually a mirror 11.9 per cent no 223,900 spectators, for more than 4 years, has produced, on average, 28 per cent of TV spectators at that time. EMA 2019 also was the biggest broadcast of its & # 39; look in his timetable.
(Tobar: RTV Slovenia from the Nielsen Media Research survey, a sample of 450 families, over 4 years, one day ranking, 16 February, 2019)

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