Žalgiris, hit by three points Dzūkas, has reached a seasonal record


The winners were led by Leo Westermann, who hit 6 in 3 points and placed 20 pounds. There were 15 points added to Edgar Ulanov.

Kerem Kanter, who won 31 points (11/14, 1/6, 6/7, 40, 40 points), the person who lost the party of losers, and thus developing the seasonal record . There were even 23 points saved by Turkey on the first half of the game.

In the second half of the meeting, the Kaunas team, who was unable to stop the competition leader for a long time, welcomed the Alytus three points. Out of 24 a game has an unexpected country attack that has long run 13 tricks.

In the second half of the year, the guests influenced the Greeks in the second half (29:43), but at the end of the third season, Steponas Babrauskas, after the defeat of K. Kanter, Two problems, Paulius Danisevičius was one long member and Dzūkija 61: 66.

However, in the fourth quarter, Žalgiris moved on a higher gear again and began to run towards impact. Thanks to the three conspirators L. Westermann and E. Ulanov, the guests left 13: 2 and fled 82:66 and did not leave the hope that Andrejs Urlepas would escape.

At the end of the game, Dzukija was no longer able to escape, and hit K. Kanter, who was more likely to escape; losing after long breaks.

Dzūkija: Kerem Kanteris 31, Elijah Brown 12, Dominykas Domankas 10 points.

Žalgiris: Leo Westermann 20, Edgaras Ulanovas 15, Aaron White 12, Artūras Milaknis 10 points.

Keremas Kanter

Keremas Kanter

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Tonight, Dzūkija went into the battle with Kaunas Žalgiris gun Gediminas Žalalis and Matthew Yogil.

G. Kalal is worried badly – at the end of her game was broken by hand. The work was played by Jogi, but should return to the square just after the FIBA ​​window.

The 24-year-old 245-year-old lamb is blind, suffering famine on training. "He returned, but he got connected to another basketball player and fought himself by hand – he broke through his arm," said Valdemaras Chomičius, former manager of Dzukija.

The attack highlighted 4.2 points of this season. The 20th anniversary of Jogelis, who was appointed by Zalgiris this season, had gone through a casual grid.

At that time, Zalgiris played in this game without reciting Marius Grigon, Brandon Davies and Nate Wolters.

LKL line (place, team, effects, loss):

1 GALLERY 20 2
2. NEPTUNE 17 5
3. MAY 16 5
6. JUVENTUS 8 14
7. DZŪKIJA 7 14
8. SGYCOP 7 15
10. ŠIAULIAI 3 19

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