Zamalek gives a statement to answer the Jeddah Jeddah Federation letter


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Zamalek is reporting to respond to the Saudi Jeddah Union letter from the Schoolmaster's website, Sunday 18 November 2018.

Zamalek gives a statement to answer the Jeddah Jeddah Federation letter

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The Zamalek club has reported a few days ago, which impedes the Saudi Jeddah Union to send a letter to name Hamdi Al-Nqaz.
The statement said that everyone in the past few minutes was issued to the Saudi Jeddah Union officials, to the Tunisian Hamdi Nqazz back to the south during his winter.
He continued: The early response from Saudi Saudi Jeddah officials, especially a letter to Zamalek,
In order to negotiate for the purchase of Tunisia Hamdi Nqaz, he explained the letter to the visitor, as confirmed by the President of the club, the lack of any letters from the Saudi club to the White Castle, which tells the goal is to be & # 39; Publishing the letter influencing the White Knight's stability, by the top of the page; board with 26 points, 8 for the Egyptian Cup.
Abizaid: War of folklore and lies and stories that have been expanded, without mentioning the source of information to prove that they appeared through the sound of mid-player Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim, with the aim of a crisis give the star team with leaders to club and white fans.
We call on each website to examine the accuracy of news published on Zamalek and his / her; first football team in the Zamalek club.
We want Zamalek loyal fans to take care of those sites that have been producing bad news, which everyone knows and is familiar with the success of their & # 39; White Castle.

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