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Sport 360 – The curtain on the twenty-second tournament of the Premier League of the 2018-2019.

"Sports 360" The following report describes figures and facts of the twenty-first tour of the Egyptian Premier League.

1-7 winning and & # 39; draw:

The tour saw 9 matches, with 7 of them winning one side, and the two draws two games and, to a paradoxical, finished with the same 2-2 result.

2 – Management capacity:

The game saw a lot of visit to the goals, with every game that played; destination goals, 29 goals for his prize, 10 in the first half and 19 in the second half.

3. Global goal:

The touring tour of the world saw Al-Saeed, a Pyramids player in Miri Smouha, disappeared from the middle of his / her; pitch with a strong image from Mohamed Aboujbal's web.

4 – Offense of punishment:

5 games were recorded as part of the full registration, and they saw a gamekeeper's game and Petrojet counted on three penalty stamps for the army team and two battles to the Petroleum group.

5- Binaries:

The tour saw more than two players on screening for their game, and # 39; including Khalid Amar, Al-Sindari in the Strath Tigris target, Shukri Najib de Petrojet in Guard of the Frontiers, Karim Bambo à Ismai's goal in the stars and Salah Ismail from Ismaili.

6. Cards:

The tour saw 28 yellow cards and one red in nine games.