Zamalek prevents Al-Ittihad with a deadly aim and his / her; league management


The Zamalek team succeeded in delivering an important influence on 2/1 in the game that was held in Petrosport Park on Thursday afternoon within the 15th week of the Premier League competition -Heyah.

With this result, Zamalek raised the points to the 29th point to expire the top of the Egyptian Premier League and the interior was at the 16th point in the ninth place in the entire order.

Zamalek started to play a & # 39; form part of:

Keepers: Mahmoud Jensh.

In the defense line: Hazem Imam, Mahmoud Alaa, Mohammed Abdul Salam, Abdullah Juma.

Midfielders: Tarek Hamed, Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Mahmoud Kherba, Youssef Obama, Ibrahim Hassan.

His face: Omar Al-Saeed.

Although the team started creating as follows:

Keepers: Mohamed Sobhy.

In the defense line: Mohamed Rifai, Rashad Farouk, Ahmed Saber, Mahmoud Shedid.

Midfielders: Ahmed Oka, Saidou Samburi, Emmanuel Egptor, Hussein Rajab.

In front of: Mohammed Jamal, Islam Jaber.

With his first minute, he was surprised at the team that all got the first goal after Ahmed Oka was a long member inside the Zamalek area to fill in the net.

The Zamalek players did not appear as expected in the first minute, compared to the inside players who had received the # 39; a member in the middle of the playground and using the place in defending the White.

Omar Al-Saeed could change the score to Zamalek 8 minutes after a powerful pack that was near his / her; right mail

With 10 minutes, Mahmoud Kahraba got the chance to turn Zamalek after a routine attack that Obama, who had passed over to electrify within, was sent to her; and the second one was not put on the net.

And it affected the electricity in the minute 13 for protection from the left and to the left; pushing his wall to the goals but Mohammed Sobhi responded well.

Zamalek players asked Mohammed El Hanafy to go to; managed his game with a penalty 16 minutes after the Omar Al Said dropped in the pioneering area after the interference with the guardian inside, but Sign up to play on.

After Zamalek's similar players control the entire game to achieve the goal of progress by doing so; accepting players inside the attacks, and shooting Mahmoud's rocket Abdel Aziz to & # 39; Going to the targeting within 25 minutes but the ball over the clock; bar.

Al-Borkini's Saidou Samboury was a ball in front of Zamalek's 34 minute point but reached easily in the hands of Jensh and dropped Mahmoud Alaa on the ground 37 minutes after a member with one of the players inside a & # 39; prevent Zamalek's medical team to give it the necessary remedy and complete the meeting.

Ahmed Said Oka lost the second chance to add the inside within 39 minutes of bad face, but we would respond to his / her. a member individually and pay from a distance to reach the member easily in the hands of Jensh.

The game played a few minutes from the first half, where the game was restricted to the middle of the field away from the dangers and the referee lost two minutes away and Ibrahim Hassan lost the chance to visit Zamalek in the final moments after his one-hour prize, but Mohammed Sobhi challenged his member to finish his & her; first half South Westerly

There was a good choice for each team between Zamalek and within 75 minutes of the game that had stopped Petrosport at the moment within the 15th week of the League League competition South Westerly

At the beginning of the second half, players saw a barrier in the middle of the park so that he did not get the second goal hoping to do it; retaining a drag space with its ability to & # 39; steal an attack target South Westerly

Omar Al-Saeed lost the chance to visit Zamalek 53 minutes after he got into the member inside a penalty department inside but the poor picture outside the visit was completelySouth Westerly

Abdullah Gomaa shot a rocket with 57 minutes, but Mohammed Sobhy, the first Swiss strike force, The first step with Zamalek was 59 minutes and Mohamed Hassan left.

Although Zamalek was in control of her & # 39; a member to achieve the same, but it was at risk of the goal of protecting the players inside of an emergency to stop other targets.

Gros was trying to & # 39; modify performance and to develop Zamalek attack form by & # 39; making the second change Benzol Mohammed Ibrahim and how Mahmoud Abdel Aziz was 70 minutes away; increasing the efficiency of the attack, and Mohammed Abdel Salam seconded Zamalek's second 80 minutes after getting a cross from Mohammed Ibrahim to hit his boat by turning the picture above the cross.

A lawsuit, Mahmud Kherba, was banned from a & # 39; He had his second goal and Zamalek's goal was 81 minutes after a good look. After a while, Swiss Gros offered the opportunity to show Mustafa Fathi with Zamalek and ask him to warm up.

Mahmoud Alaa was inside his 83-minute pitch and the muscles were translated to cure her; needed for him. Despite the doctor's request to replace his player, Alaa refused and asked her to go to her. finish the game, especially that the team needed to change and attack.

Jaros Mustafa Fathi took on 86 minutes as a place-place for Omar Al-Saeed to give the striker in the minute; disappeared, and Mohammed Sobhi saved the target from a hint after Hazem Imam's detailed minutes just lived in the net.

Mahmoud Kahraba succeeded in visiting Zamalek after 89 minutes after his powerful kill from Mustafa Fathi to clear his ball from Mohamed Sobhy's hand and hit it electronically to complete Al-Abyad's second goal. Half half of the drama events saw Alaa Abdel-Al, technical director of Interior, threw one of the fans a bottle.

The event started after Alaa Abdel-Al made the red shirt in front of Zamalek fans who were attacking him when the second turn was turned until one of the audience threw a bottle of water to a technician leader inside who fell to the ground after that.

When the meeting stopped for a minute, the referee started the game again after the technical director inside it; sitting on the area given to him and a few minutes later the referee named the end of a game with Zamalek 2-1.

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