Zamalek stopped 200 million pounds for winning all the titles


Zamalek officials have rejected a number of offers over the last time for several star rating of the first team.

Zamalek's board offers offers from a number of Arab clubs to get a number of key players: Hamdi Al-Naqaz, Youssef Obama, Mahmoud Karka, Ranger Mahmoud Jensh and Tarek Hamed in the Egyptian team range, and value offers for almost 200 pounds, according to stores within the White House West-

The administration of the Royal Club, as its fans want to be nominated, has been refused to move anyone from the main team, wanting the team to have the team, to compete for every competition this season.

Officers of White House expressed the proposals at the end of the season, and then the final decision has been decided whether to complete the business or refuse the application and maintain the player.

Zamale has recently received a fax from Al Ittihad Jeddah Saudi Arabia, wants the Hamdi Al-Nakaz star for $ 3 million during the next winter movement window.

Zamalek will face their competitors in the 15th round of the Egyptian Premier League, which will be held in the Petrosport on Thursday.

Zamalek Grosse coach asked his team's players to focus on the future to raise the points in the upcoming games and his / her. continue the league command by the end of the # 39; first round.

The Swiss Gross coach required the attack to be reinforced in January, with the number of strikers missing.

Stories in White Castle confirmed that the Zamalek club board agreed with Morteza Mansour, Agree support from the first team in the broadest terms of Gross's ambition.

Zamalek is suffering from a lack of team attackers, and Gros hopes to bring the player Alaarp Mustafa Mohammed, the Olympic team player and the Army Talents Club back in January.

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