Zamalek will be preparing for El Gouna today after he has been hitting inside


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JEDDAH, an Egyptian (Reuters) – Zamalek will start preparing for El Gouna Monday as part of the 16th tour of the Premier League competition, Returning services two Tunisian Farjani Sassi and Hamdi Al-Naqaz as well as Kasongo Kabongo Congolese. In the last round, due to & # 39; and they came to Cairo a few hours before the game, and they had a special program to return the trick again to take part from the beginning of the next to El Gouna, especially because they are essential elements of the team.

The Swiss counterparts, Christian Gross, have decided to make a decision on what any player plays in order to complete the upcoming games in November, in particular because the team is going on to go to # 39; meet both in the local concert and against the Alexandria Union in the second round of the 16th tour of the Arab Championship.

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