ZAZ plant put on sale "testicles"


ZAZ plants are sold for sale If a broken car is needed you need a lot.

Zaporozhye Garden Garden for sale by ZAZ Vida four years, participating in tests for accidents. Thousands of miles are 15 miles kilometers long and they call for 92,000 hryvnias, with the statement mentioning 24news.

Judging by the stickers on the body, the 2015 test was carried out in the NAMI Test Center. At Vida, the front part is completely broken, the doors don't close, the airbags going out stand out from the complex face of the panel.

ZAZ plants are sold for sale

Last August, the Mecum auction house sold sales at a premium – Porsche 959 Komfort. The car, with a mile of 5885 kilometers, was measured at 450-550 thousand dollars. At the same time she is in a broken position and she has no right wheel.

ZAZ plants are sold for sale

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Also in the summer, Copart claimed the summer sports Grand Sport Chevrolet Corvette 2019 was sold with a starting price of $ 8600. There was no bumper, a crook, or a hurry, on the left hand side of the sports car.

ZAZ plants are sold for sale

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