Železiarne Podbrezová is also committed to the hard Rome 14th salary


Improved work and life is given to 50 Roma. Železiarne Podbrezová launched a pilot project with the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor, which gives them the opportunity to do not work long term.

Initially, the Roma will be in the cellularity of its cell; earn 600 euros, and can also work on better paid jobs better. Those who work here are happy and happy They can give their families food and they can pay a lot more while they are going to do it. promises the 13th and 14th salary.

The 50-year-long Roma-wide pilot project will be a long-term job; beginning with Železiarne Podbrezová. "We'll teach the first three months, we will test their working practices, and we'll go into the project.

It may take two years until we find every fifty. But there is a lack of staff in the job market and we have a good knowledge of them. When they work, they have to give them an opportunity, " Tell us María Niklová, Ironworks Personal Director. She said they tried to pay even foreigners, but they did not. The election process will be held on 4 December and up to 500 Roma will be served, 50 of which will be selected. They get into the close, and in three months they learn to work in a variety of jobs.

Initially, they will earn at least 600 euros in a net, and both are earned; pay their iron party and others are state payment. Fabrika has been in recent years, as it is a shortage of work, and also employing people with lower education. At present, there is a hundred Roma work there. "We are happy with them and benefit our factory. This is how their families have regular income. Even with those who are not dead and left, we have no problem and we will give them the opportunity, " Representative Director, Miloš Dekrét said. Heads of the ironworkers believe that they will prove their own. Later on, they will be rated in other jobs and will be paid better.

Work wants, but we got used to it

Matej Harvan (20), military division, Závadka nad Hronom
I work this second year and I'm happy I can do it. The work is tough, but I like to enjoy it and I like it. Many thanks to that, I can buy a house with my sweetheart. I also recommend to another Rome not to have a # 39; waiting for social life and work to get better life.

Rastislav Rejzinger (24), arc divider, Oak
I have been in the factory for 1.5 years now and I enjoy it here, even though it is not easy. However, I get regular salary and I can also help my daughter three years. Anyone who wants to get this opportunity should and should not; best to do it.

Patrik Olah (22), tube search, Heppa
I've been working in the iron industry for more than a year, and even though it is hard, it can be used to it. I think about who wants to work, it's and does not matter whether Rome is or is not.

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