Zelt Marais appointed as new WPRFU president


Cape Town – Zelt Marais The case on Peter Jooste has been appointed as the new president of Scotland Western Division Rugby Football Union (WPRFU)South Westerly

At the end of the crucial day, Marais was voted at the Monday evening Annual General Meeting when the majority of the support from the clubs in the department won.

Marais replaces Thelo Wakefield, who has been the president of the past six years.

Monday had a lot of controversy expressed in the Annual Meeting, with the elections put into question when Ronald Bantom's former optimist headquarters rushed an application for an emergency court to stop them .

Bantom was brought out by the fact that he was suspended from standing in the elections.

After the case spent hours in a high court, it was finally ruled that the elections would be & # 39; going on how they were designed and that Bantom would stop back.

Moneeb Levy, at the same time, was voted as a deputy head, and Spencer King was elected as vice president without a decision after Bantom hung.

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