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Marcel Hirscher has deceived himself in the record books by gold and gold; a terrestrial terrain in slalom. The fifth is Ramon Zenhäerner.

The pedestal

  • 1. Marcel Hirscher (Ö) 2: 05.86 minutes
  • 2. Michael Matt (Ö) + 0.65 sec.
  • 3. Marco Schwarz (Ö) + 0.76 sec.

In the final race of the 2019 World Cup, in which Hirscher wrote a ski history. The 30-year-old won the 7th World Championship in a better way. He was the same as the singer ÖSV Toni Sailer. As Hirscher has also won 4 medals (compared to 1 money with Sailer), he is now the most successful skipper in the history of his World Cup. Hirscher won gold in slalom for the third time after 2013 and 2017.

For Hirscher had to settle for money in the big slalom, he did not have any hesitation in the slalom. Already in the first round he had entered the land competition. "That was the other side," said SRF spokesman Stefan Hofmänner.

In the second race Hirscher was skilfully directed. He eventually presented the Austrian team expecting these titles to be a gold medal. The podium was completely in the hands of Austria. Michael Matt and Marco Schwarz made a unique three-dimensional impact.

The Swiss

  • 5. Ramon Zen Houses + 0.96 sec.
  • 14. Loïc Meillard + 1.94 sec.
  • 29. Tanguy Nef +5.78 check.
  • Outdoors: Daniel Yule.

The World Cup will end up with a disappointment for the Swiss ski team. The slalom team that was traded could not even be able to organize a women's basis. Ramon Zenhäusern but thanked his strong strongest but still a lawsuit. The Welshman made a good progress and ranked the best in fifth place in Switzerland. At & # 39; Ultimately, he had only two tenths of bronze.

The mortgage can not after a rough blunder in its & # 39; 1d Durchang (First 12 and 2.32 is behind Hirscher) to be sold on the giant, indeed, it's no longer. He and Daniel Yule got a medal in advance.

Yule was even faster in the first race of the Zenhäusern. Only 28 percent per cent separated from Hirscher's forehead slope before falling into the background and retired. Also, Zenhäusern and Meillard (7th after their first time) were the last part of the death. The Tanguy Nef New World Cup did not have a high lost in the & # 39; first clan.

This is how it continues

After World Championships in Being, the World Cup parallel race will be held for Tuesday in Stockholm nearby.

Broadcasting statement: SRF two, sportlive, 17.02.2019, 10:30 clock

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