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His actress Zhang Yihan and Fan Qiqi did not meet the truth for more than 8 years. During the period, there were also numbers of enumerators who had; counting that the two men had appeared again in this life due to the "Fairy Official Documents" incident; before. Zhang Yihan told the show that he was injured by the singer. Last night, she talked about the reasons for the lack of friends in the Tucao Conference. She said illegally, "My friends are not, my friend's explanation is different." Those ideas are let Fan Yuqi go again after the sale went on. Fan Fan continued the message from the web-net and did not respond well "I did not add friendship".

After Zhang Yihan talked about his friendship grid, Fan Qiqi went on the old mail of the web and suspicion of his / her. answer. (Review from Fan Qiqi Weibo)

Zhang Yihan commented on a relationship in the "Tucao Conference" program. For many people, she said fewer friends in her & # 39; circle. Part, "But I do not have to build my friends who are building roads. I have wings." Regarding the "sensation you see, because it makes it stronger," she does not agree, a member responds directly: "It hurts her injuries. With those wounds , I will be stronger. " Zhang Yihan said he would not harm himself. "They just remembered me without being a man."

Zhang Yihan's "relationship" is on her show; remind me of the facts between herself and Fan Qiqi. In fact, in the past, some of the web users attacked Fan Fan on this issue and wrote a message "Comment on friendship and singing" It is summer. there. "Is it the autumn", the face? ", And Fan Fan continued this old detection shortly after broadcasting" Tucao Conference "at Zhang Yuhan, and said:" I did not add a relationship, you do not know me, I said I'm very frightened. Although the message and palindus did not sign the name, everyone agreed that Fan Fan was a "# 39; talks about making a connection with Zhang Yihan, and due to a time distribution, the name of the shuangyu was posted on Weibo. The first two, and some said that even Fan Qiqi was in the hot place, tell some of her not to be cared for. Stay Fan calmly down and said, "Okay. I do not feel, although sometimes it is not easy to do." I am grateful to everyone for their support and commitment. "I will continue to work hard to love and support my friends."

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