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Chinese celebrity director Zhang Yimou home for the Gold Horses Award for the Best Director – the first in charge for decades – for his almost entirely black-and-white Shadow, made in a seamless ink painting style.

He raised the prize at the event held in Taipei yesterday. Often, the Chinese language movie Oscars are known as The Golden Horse Awards and, although Zhang is famous, this is especially a & # 39; His first name for the Best Director.

Talk to storytellers back on the stage, he said he did not finish any speech while he was. Other directors named as "were all wonderful". "Although this is my first name, I thought I would have other opportunities in the future," he said.

Shadow, who won up for 12 prizes, gave three other technical awards home.

The Elephant Sitting Still won the Best Feature Film, which also won the Best Screen Screen for Best. The film director Hu Bo, who wrote the novel of the film based, unfortunately was suicidal at the age of 29 last year.

Hsieh Ying-xuan of Taiwan walked home with the most prominent actor who honored his & her; who was fighting for her husband's estate, and her male lover in Dear EX. Sun Li and Zhou Xun left, famous actors, among others.

Chinese actor Xu Zheng, top actor for Dying To Survive, has won where he plays a man who is an extremely agent of pirate drugs.

The 55th edition of the annual awards was one of the biggest ones that had been in & # 39; climbing the stars in the last few years.

Directed by Taiwanese-American leader Lee Ang, who is chairman of the prize management committee, this year, Gong Li's top star returned, who had the odds of prestigious awards in 2014 after her to be respect.

Gong was chairman of this year's jury, apparently to be buried. prize winner.

This year also guests like Hong Kong actor, Andy Lau, have seen a walk on her; red brass, as well as the famous A-list celebrities, Carina Lau and Eason Chan.

Taiwant and Hong Kong talented homecoming major adherence awards. Ding Ning, decorated with slinky gold number, won the Best of Match for Cities of Last Things, and the famous actor Hong Kong, Ben Yuen, sent home to the Best Support for his career at Tracey.

The Best New Presenter to Pangoyod Long Time No Yes, a children's star and a member of Tao's native Taiwan.

Umbrella Diaries, director of Singapore, James Leong: The First Umbrella – on the move of pro-democracy in Hong Kong in 2014 – has been lost to our young people in Taiwan.

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