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"One Second" was sent by Zhang Yimou, who was appointed during the 1966-76 Cultural Outturn, from the Berlin Film Festival, where he was going to appear in competitions.

Publishes a post after the official website of Weibo, the film of China's Twitter, that the film was moved, saying it was for "technical reasons." The festival confirmed the information.

Although Zhang had been focusing on the film as his personal reputation for the film industry, it has just been estimated that the film was withdrawn for political reasons. "One Second" is set in the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution in China under Mao Zedong, when the Communist Party had said it was disastrous but that is still a fragile issue, not.

Zhang's film is the second Chinese film that was drawn from Berlin this year. A & # 39; The first is "Better Days," an unlawful youth story, which was to be shown in the Ginealach section. Sources are told Variety that film was withdrawn for censorship purposes, although the public place said "Best Days" was not completed in time.

The official media site for the "One Second" media said: "One Second & No" may not be shown at the Berlin International Film Festival for technical reasons. Apologies. "

China has been a major political and cultural tension over the world. last year under President Xi Jinping, the most powerful Chinese chief of Mao. And responsibility for the management of last year's festival business was moved directly under the Communist Party Propagation department.

"One Second" was made through foteur and fluid representations that spread Huanxi Media. Edko Films recently built Hong Kong up international sales rights.

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