Zhao Wei opposite a lawsuit, & # 39; fined for financial fraud


– Trieu Vy – Huynh Huu Long's wife from all the regulatory positions in the companies on the floor, dealt with the law and a fine for a financial breach.

Lam Tam Nhu and Trieu Vy are coming together after 20 years of going to # 39; play & # 39;

Zhao Wei's militia lawyer was brought to court

On the afternoon of November 20, Exchange Securities Exchange officially published the Zhao Wei test for financial fraud on its stock market.

Therefore, Trieu Vy and her husband Huynh Huu Long may not be allowed to hold a director's position on their stock market for 5 years.

Trieu Vy's wife faces a legal face, a fine for financial fraud
Good family of a million Vy.

According to the official posted on the Ifeng financial report, Trieu Vy and her husband made a mistake in the Long Vy media company to capitalize, transferring or reporting paperwork. Market use from 2016.

Especially, in 2016, Zhao Wei and her husband did not move the shares of the Zhejiang Van Hao Company due to the fact that a financial shortage caused very difficult to their stock market.

According to its first agreement, Zhao Wei will receive 29.14% of the highest shares of the company. But, after that, agree the two sides again. The Zhao Wei Company bought more than 5% of the total number of departments, not 29.14% as originally as a result of sufficient financial resources. However, the above information has not been made clear to a smaller commercial trade.

Trieu Vy's wife faces a legal face, a fine for financial fraud
Billionaire is called actress on Trieu Vy.

The event raised the attention of the authorities. By the end of 2017, the Chinese Security Administration Commission has stopped Trieu Vy, Huynh Huu Long, and others from trading stock stock for a five year term. The Long Vy Company is under control.

A couple of claims, together with other members, have a claim; company, for 440 more intense, including nearly 56 million yuan ($ 8 million). Over 163, a lawyer said that his lawyer was no longer than one year and would be effective early in 2019.

Zhao was born in 1976, he is a well-known actor and director of Chinese films, she is well known as Yen Tu's place in The wayPost-decimals of the arts attack, not just a Chinese chief identity; , and is named as a successful entrepreneur, and is full of life with her husband Huynh Huu Long.

Mr Trieu Vy was born in 1976 as a renowned entrepreneur in China. His secretary married secretly in 2009.

After limiting business activities, Zhao Wei appears to have been back in her; entertaining industry.

Ha Linh

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