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Artist's party

Located at MacPherson's Hall, 38 Milkson Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, the stars were locked for two nights in the end of the weekend.

Before opening it, Zhao Yazhi moved into the ticket gate in a comic way with his pocket: in a & # 39; corridor, baskets of flowers sent Joey Yung and Zhang Jingxuan; in the field, listen to Eason Chan and Lin Yilian to the related efforts; Behind the scenes – Du Qifeng, Xu Anhua, Zhang Peiren, Zhou Yaohui, Huang Baigao … These people came for the "Yoyo" female singer on the stage.

In mainland, a & # 39; Most of the people of the snow due to the identity of "Followers of the Followers", but beyond this, she is also a very good music creator. Long ago, Yan Ninger left her second album "Nothing Is Under Control", and after six years, she finally returned to Hong Kong city to hold another concert. When the concert finished for two nights after each other, the latest Beijing News reporter Beijing News saw the storyteller in the background.


Create a "one day" decision

Geometric clarity which includes six light yellow flags is located in the middle of the stage. In addition to the white curtains on her; In the background, there are not too many ghost scenes at the concert. The voice notes of Yan Ninger are also more prominent.

"There are two minutes, everyone." After playing the "Opening White" of the floor, Yan Ninger's shadow-shaped appeared on her; curtain, which opened the "one-day" concert. From the comfortable and fast games, such as "Coffee Bubbling" and "Scrambled Eggs Blues", to "No Story" and "Twistable Turnable Man", the old songs will be played at different times at midnight , and then the lights are reduced. In guitar on "Gap", she sang alone, Lin Erwen was finalized in "Silver Hair White", "Lovely Heavenly", "One day" was published; coming close to the head.

The entire playground is based on the new album, but the only difference that Yan Ninger chose "Ride" was launched in Anke. "I did not finish with the evening. I hope that I can use this song to welcome the sunrise again, and this song's words are also in this song," she said. told the reporter Beijing News. "Others will look at the show." Erasing, there may be a feeling to & # 39; watch a heavy film. "

Album new

Three-dimensional creation for feeling

Since the first album "Here" has been released for more than three years, Yan Ninger has come to Ning Zida, Tu Heng, Wen Yizhe and other Taiwanese music partners to complete the new album. "I've been Nothing Is Under Control because I've just mentioned a few names at first, but I can not keep it all the time, so i & # 39; I think it should be. I can also describe the entire process to make my record. – Although the song was originally created by myself, but by I'm going to have a lot of different musicians, I've got many unexpected benefits. So I feel I need to learn to allow me, let me try to control, to remind yourself. I'm really worried. "

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