Zhenya Belousov's 90th star saw the Igor Talkov murder


The singer Zhenya Belousov liked rock musicians Igor Talkov when he left the crime. About this during the broadcast on the TV channel "Russia 1" said a friend to Belousov – writer Sergei Shustitsky.

According to that, the singer's room in the Yubileiny Sports Palace in St Petersburg was near the crime. Zhenya Belousov was convinced that Talkov was killed by Igor Malakhov – one of the people who protected his / her; case. However, he did not tell the public about it, because he did not ask "anyone."

– – Once on the train, Zhenya met Igor Malakhov, who was involved in her; case. And he asked him: "Who killed after all?" Zhenya said: "How are you?,, named on the Shustitsky air.

In addition to the singer, Belousov's wife and her close friend, Andrei Sokolov, were also aware of the situation. The high murder of Igor Talkov came on Sunday, 6 October 1991 at the Yubileiny Sports Palace.

Earlier, Channel Five was talking about a new one details A false story of the death of Igor Talkov.

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