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Zhiqiang 's bed "got underwater tunnel underground" 90% to support the people who lived: Facebook is warm and very sad.

▲ Waste diagram of the Taiwan Sound Basin Tunnel. (Photo / Review from Google Map) Reporter Lin Yanchen / A broad report on the consensus proposal of the Chinese capital to build a tunnel from Pingtan to Hsinchu, Fujian District. Former Secretary of the Office Luo Zhiqiang's Chief Executive has begun to build a sub-water tunnel on Facebook. The high speed rail, is it a good or bad thing for Taiwan? ", 90% of people think it's a good thing. South China Morning Post said China's mainland has decided to build a tunnel of 135-kilometer ships Connect Pingtan County in the Fujian and Hsinchu City Department in a Taiwan-based housing city in 2023, and expects to build a high train with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour in the subway subway. Luo Zhiqiang, who was senior secretary of the president's palace, also voted on Facebook to comment on the webpage. 90% of staff web page to think "to be & # 39; tunnel tunnel over the sea "was a good thing. Netizen said in Luo Zhiqiang's Facebook," It's really good, and the mainland needs to pay it. "" Currently, the mainland is willing to pay, Taiwanese should be welcomed. After that, is the economic downturn and the poor physical situation? "" Indeed, it's a good thing, and so Taiwan's Democratic Forward Party can not attract people with scorned scandals. "" In fact, it's a good thing! It is easier to travel to the mainland and travel to the public! "" Indeed, it's a good thing to do; there. Without the mainland economy, Taiwan is even worse. "" Welcome, the people will live happily, safely, and get involved. "What Taiwan is interesting." ▲ Luo Zhiqiang set up a tunnel tunnel record in Facebook. (Photo / version from Luo Zhiqiang Facebook) But PTT citizens agree not with the result of this voting. "It's strange to go to an Xiaoqiang face-to-face friend to 80% of the head." There is a significant credit in the vote. "Qiongzhou Cross Trench Bridge does not shake and wants to build Taiwan Strait Tunnel. Will it be too funny?" "The Taiwan War, a marine battal and an air bar crash and fight directly."

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