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2019-01-04 15:25:03 Tobar: Nanning Night News

Zhou Xingchi made secretly for 3 years, "King of New Comedy" made the first call

A few days ago, the official Weibo of the film "The King of New Comedy" welcomed the new New Year: a "back-to-face" stand-alone vacancy "first-hand" of the "King of New" engineer Comedy "In the same situation as the" Cartoon Princess "on his poster, there is a handwritten message here:" 2019, work hard, fight! " It's not the money of someone else, Stephen Chow is his wife; there!

In a sign, Wang Baoqiang revealed. He had a set of statement about his death in the film. He thought: "After everything, there is a death in the war, hated in the country, he should be dead …" The words were not finished, the artist Blocadh beul. Consideration of the materials that are available; Currently, Wang Baoqiang is one of the actors. Most of the performers appeared in the & # 39; the garden of group displays. At the time, the male number is not Wang Baoqiang.

In addition, according to the helper, it was a heroine "King of New Comedy" Ebo, who took part in the "Swordsman" show.

After 20 years of return to the small comedy, the "King of New Comedy" was led by Stephen Chow by "sequencing" the meaning of the comedy "and his. shows an interesting story about the little people who try to destroy their dreams. It seems that Zhou Xingchi is also a & # 39; made up. Relaxation is left in the past, so he gave the production team secretly for 3 years, and organized it in the summer and autumn of 2018. (Shi Yu)

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