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10 December, 2018 15:27 Source: Zhejiang Online Participation in interaction

Zhu Zhigen coach tells the Sun Yang class as he can do

Zhejiang Online 10 December (Zhejiang Reporter Online Hu Wei)The strength of Zhejiang Swimming Armor is very spectacular. As well as his own talents and efforts, he also benefits from a strong coaching team. Among them, Zhu Zhigen, renowned coach, added him. Under his training and weakening, Sun Yangcai, the world leader of the Chinese swimming pool, has achieved today's results. At the World Water Sports Championship Gold Medal Coach, which opened on December 8, Zhu Zhigen's open class, "The Champion Way – How to Become a Champion" about the students of happiness Sun Yang.

"Zhu's coach class is not white, it's dry. Even the details of the team training, such as the height up to the height of a height of the size of the median train for her -that nobody told. After listening to the Zhu Zhigen class, some coaches made up to 5 pages of pounds.

From the beginning of the Sun Yang training in 2003, Zhu Zhigen has been using almost all advanced teaching concepts on this student. So, in the open class, he used Sun Yang for example. "Beautiful body lines will be at the right strokes. You can watch Sun Yang's body lines, which are very good due to the proper movement." Zhu Zhigen left the micreofon and walked to the middle of Taiwan to show the normal stroke personally. South Westerly

Zhu Zhigen said: "In the last 20 years, I've been going to Kunming Plateau twice a year. The training is heavily advanced to improve the important capacity of the athlete and maintain and expand the life of the athlete. " Zhu Zhigen said. Sun Yang's training is on stage every year to improve their heart & lungs. This is also a key ability to maintain high level for a long time. "From its practical experience, Sun Yang needs to train around 100 to 110 kilometers per week in the last few years. Three to four blood lactate tests are made weekly, with 65% to 70% of the training done at a distance or near a game, which is very important to maintain a high level. "

Zhu Zhigen also said that the height of 1890 meters above sea level is very suitable for higher training. "Different levels will have different effects, but from my knowledge, the most appropriate height." Regardless of what training is in the stage, Zhu Zhigen It is said that 3 to 4 weeks are broad enough. The athletes are middle and long too long or too short in the training of plates. Their performance after the platform is not satisfactory. "On the one hand, we need to control the balance at current acidity when you train, I do not allow a lot of secretion of lactic acid, which means that the energy- Players will be declining. On the other hand, we have to control their commitment. Sometimes the state of athletes is better altered, and they are often built after completing the training. Do not leave. If you follow them at this time, it's like getting a lot of time together when cooking, and & # 39; this stadium, and the athlete's state wound. So I let them stop. Use. "Zhu Zhigen did the same way.

Zhu Zhigen seems to have given reasons for rural and overseas swimming coaches to express their feelings: "Zhu coach does not have a specific training, so he will notice how many of them are doing. 39; small information. It can create so many world games for purpose. "

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