Zhuang Jisheng is a bit famous. The first is an active service. first person.


Lin Yijun, a badmaker player, Zhou Tiancheng, and his retirement, just in his hunting career, were all up and down. they asked Donga to vote against him. The female tube player Zhuang Jisheng was born in the United States and chose to represent Taiwan. Its national competition is the only publicity in the hands of the country's active.

The Taiwanese team – Taing Taiwan "won the film interviewed by Zhuang Jisheng on the fan page. Zhuang Jisheng had a shirt that supported his name and said: "I went out to represent China's Taipei. It's a bit strange because Taiwan is in Taiwan, Taiwan. It's not Chinese Taipei."

Zhuang Jisheng also said: "When it comes out, ask people, where Chinese Taipei is? They think that I came from the mainland of China. Indeed, this is really hard. I think this must be said. "

However, sports people said Zhuang Jisheng's interview was saying, because Japan is fairly free, so Tokyo's Olympics may allow us to take part in the name of Taiwan, something which is clearly inconsistent with the facts; In addition, the athletes will be able to. stand against the East Olympics. The referendum is very much responsible for its power to affecting the rights and interests of athletes. This is not mentioned in the film interview with Zhuang Jisheng. I believe Zhuang Jisheng, who grew up in the United States, found out that he wanted to be in a position; called Taiwan as its name. But the effects are not well understood.

However, Yang Zonghua, the men's game that took part in Asian Games in Jakarta this year, opposed him to Facebook and sent a picture of the Asian Games team. Zhuang Jisheng also writes Yang Zonghua: "Do not sport in politics! It's not very bad, not the athletes. If you do not understand athletes, you do not know You have the importance of international importance to athletes. You can ask athletes or coaches that still work in sport to be clearer, and then talk about their. this case after you have a clear understanding. "

Yang Zonghua believes that the players have no hard work for their dreams and glory after day. Why do you want the "referendum" to determine what futures for athletes? If you want to vote, it should also be a player related to sporting debate and voting. Finally, he wrote: "Only blood and dreams should have fun!"

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