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Zhuangmei, Guangxi Ùr, Newborn Dream – Sidelight Celebrating 60th Anniversary of the Guangxi Zhuang Ministry of Landing Division

December 11, 2018 11:01:33
Well: Xinhuanet
Reporter Xinhua News Group, Yu Qiongyuan Tan Xiaoxiao

Xinhua News Group, Nanning, 10th December: Powerful New Guangxi, New Zealand Dream – 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Guangxi Zhuang Ministries Division

In southern China, the town is full of flowers, and the Bagui landscape is full of joy.

On 10 December, Jinxiu Zhuang Township celebrated the event. 60 years was celebrated from the Guangxi Zhuang Independent Division of Nanning.

The flowers are collected and happy. The people who were affected by each ethnic group came from each side. In the evening, Guangxi Sports Center was full of prophecy, and the long term is surrounded by a sea of ​​joy.

The largest representative body led by Wang Yang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC and chair of the National Committee of Political Consultation of the Chinese People, attended the meeting with the deep feelings of the Committee. The Labor Party and the people of the whole country, and they saw this interesting trip with Zhuang Township children.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the celebration began. As the host said, "Stand on everything. Raise the national flag and sing the national hymn." His great music came, and the audience played the national hymn. The red flag broke five stars in the wind.

Looking at the big words "1958" and "2018" on the scene, Huang Wenxuan, former head of Tongkeng Mineral Mineral Division at Guangxi Huaxi Group Co., Ltd., was delighted: "I have been working underground for 18 years. Every traffic has almost hardened and the equipment is upgraded. Now the underground dangerous building is equipped with remote management. "

Huang Wenxuan saw the major changes in Guangxi: in his rural home, all buildings were built, they were tapping water directly connected to the local people's kitchen, and many people dropped a car . All families had computers and networks as much as possible.

Huang Wenxuan has been very motivating and proud: 60 years ago, when Guangxi Zhuang Landlords Division was first established, Guangxi did not have many businesses and its development base was very weak. After 60 years, Guangxi GDP had hundreds of trips per year, and the number of poor people was greatly reduced. Silkworm coconut sugar and silkworm coconut is made on a & # 39; First place in the country for many years. Guangxi has become an important center for cars and aluminum industry in China …

Sixty years of hard work, one weapon broke off; sea.

The Central Committee of the CPC, the National Public Transport Sustainable Committee, the State Council, the National Committee of the People's Political Consultation Conference and the Central Armed Forces Commission congratulated congratulations.

Wang Yang gave a speech and said: "From the 18th National Communist Party National Conference, under the strong leadership of the Labor Party Committee with the Xi Jinping Company as the center, the independent department has been Make great progress and make new historical achievements. "

The people on the floor were transported and carried out; shaking their red flag on their hands.

In a majority speech speech, Pan Qingbiao, Secretary of the Chengxiang Town Branch of Chengxiang Town Equality Town, and Wales, Nanning Town, took the talk as a representative of the Zhuang people.

Zhuang's hometown equity represents 90%, in the past the famous poor mountain town. Pan Qingbiao, with the support of policy and party of strong and wealthy farmers, said the whole town is involved in market construction, construction and expansion.

"The town has built public facilities such as a health room, a reading room, and a level. They made the square dancing caves, sang a mountain song festival, playing fèisean, and had a monthly activity , daily, and entertaining. Life. "Pan Qingbiao told his voice in Zhuang.

Guilin Public Transportation Group, Ltd Pingshanchang Station Party, Branch Secretary Xia Sichu is very proud of Han's representatives. "In the end, we had an old bus and a line with our company, and was able to run the old Guilin, 750 buses, 372 coaches, 59 lines. Feeling that some are still unable to grasp the development of New Guilin … "

At 4 o'clock in the evening, the prelude for the celebration of the great concert shows was performed by a great show of "Huahai Yingbinpeng" songs and dance.

Look! The upper Zhuang Hydrangea appears to tell Guangxi's development story with 60 gold rings. The 2018 girls who dance with hydrangea and dance are like they would; stretching his general memory, an uncertain journey and years since 1958. 2018 – Do not forget to come to the road, beautiful town!

Listen! The drummers of high-quality people have a strong sense of the new era of "taking their slippers and their behavior!" Zhuang people are drumming, and they are encouraged for more than a thousand years. Guangxi will start again and start a new tour!

Listen! Sing sing songs, sing here and there. The native songs sing the new songs, and the songs are named for their songs; Communist Party; The Zhuang Jin washing the sun and his & her; moon, bronze drums and good words, the Eight Guishan Chuanmei, and the Guangxi Nie.

Look! People from all kinds of life that are beautifully represented by Guangxi; walk on. Amongst these, there are different ethnic groups and children living in this landscape, as well as working modules and advanced figures from all walks of life … They were, Sing songs in Guangxi for 60 years. ……

The incredible program shows the consistent homes of Guangxi, and the surrounding towns are around; town has come to amazing new Guangxi: "Green Water, Green Woman, Gold and Ben Airgid", "The Holy Spirit forever", and "New Belt of One Belt and One Road".

Guigang City gave "Land Breeze Lotus Dance"; singing "Three Songs and Three Been Mountains" thanks to Guilin's people; The parade squad created by independent research Liuzhou and the development of new energy electric vehicles slowly dropped "Liuzhou New Symphony" President's Debate "gave the yellow silk drum, guests in the Latin town who played the national family's joy; the Yao cloth was in Hezhou City, Yao Jin's width, foolish and reproducing Yao's children. Ankang Xianghe Road to pleasure; the dance team a non-legacy lion from the West West famous internationally renowned, with a hundred lion jumping out of the clouds, a deep, deep, green history of Zhangzhou City, actively involved in the Delta River Pearl …

Guangxi is a notorious area. It is a hot home where life generates red genes.

City Baise, who comes from the song, bringing "Zhuang Nationality Songs and Baise Red", singing the real feelings of Baise's people who do not have a " remembering the original heart and its # 39; remember the mission; "Tianqin is singing, the red capok is like fire" in Chongzuo City Interest; Hechi Town's "Bronze Session Day" is a bad heart.

True in Guangxi, the mountains and its sea are; meet, the Belt and Road, connecting the world.

Qinzhou City has a feeling that sea ​​"long winds and waves of North Bays", which are consistent and romantic; Beihai City is a taking "sea silk road competition", the North Sea has a " showing his talents, Belt and Road are competing; City Yulin produces "silver skip dance" Qingfeng finds out the autumn is very happy; Fangchenggang City gave "a single string and a marine rhyme", Jing girls and singers with traditional wheels, traditional Chinese singing and dance, Yu Yinyi; "Baile Greentown" Nanning Town Producing "Share the Future", 3,300 actors created the words "Nanning Welcomes You" and "Share the Future".

Singing songs can not sing, and humorous dances can not be ready. The hearts and minds of all the children are heart-to-heart, holding hands and their hearts; live.

Building Guangxi is fascinating and reviving the dream. Children of all racial groups in the Bagui land are successful and lively.

Seventy years in spring and autumn, the new time is exciting. The blessing of the national unity flowers of the Eight-Guizhou Land is always open and successful, and the new chapter of the wealth and the people is more interesting.

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