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▲ Zicheng and World Bank 2019 Global Tax Survey Taiwan was ranked 29th in the world. (Reporter 钜 亨 网 Guo Xingyi statue)
▲ Zicheng and World Bank 2019 Global Tax Survey Taiwan was ranked 29th in the world. (Reporter 钜 亨 网 Guo Xingyi statue)

PwC and the World Bank expressed the "Global Tax Survey Report 2019" in conjunction (Taxes to pay 2019). Among the 190 economies in the world, Taiwan was on 29th anniversary this year.

"Pay Fees" is a survey indicator in the "Business transaction" report. He intends to assess the ease of paying for individual economic taxes. Importance for international investment decisions.

Survey "The 2019 Global Tax Loans Survey" is a survey carried out in 2017 tax data. The tax stability survey measure is essential for a firm company in a standard case; must be paid in a year that was issued. Taxes and taxes, the four main signals in the taxpayers, time to surrender, total tax rates, and subsequent exemptions.

The tax payments of the "Tax Payment Survey" include corporate income tax, capital gains tax, a labor tax (including work insurers for employers to help with labor, health insurance, labor and insurance insurance, social security grants, etc.) and other taxes; The probation method after focusing on the administrative tax return and the administrative procedures after a revenue tax for a profit business is corrected, and does not. including review, petition and administration campaign.

Wu Weita, Director of International Affairs of Certified Public Accountants Zicheng United and PwC Asia Pacific Marketing Partner, said that Taiwan 29 in the world was this year, and the main reason was that the probationary method after the b & Better.

The survey found that the income tax correction report was sought and the business tax reduction resulting in a relatively reasonable level, and business tax correction method and shorter business tax rebate in other countries.

Wu Weita believes that one of the reasons for its ability is; In order to verify that the tax description is given by a debtor accountant. A & # 39; The usual case in the audit report is to reach the accountant's check-in level. Although this increases the tax compliance period, the taxpayer has improved the tax law through the accountant. The degree of communication time can be shortened between the two parties, and the identity of the tax yield is comparatively high, and does not make a thorough examination.

Wu Weita reminded that full tax levels include income taxes, labor taxes, and other taxes. Careful analysis of Taiwan's total tax rate, you can know that there is a tax in some of it, but insurance, health insurance and so forth. They are indirect staff costs and they do not have real taxes. According to the survey results, Taiwan is not a very good tax rate, but when the staffing fees are combined, Taiwan's ratings will be reduced.

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