Ziga Minister talks about Kia's support


The Minister of Economy visited the plant in Teplička nad Váhom.

21. November 2018 at 14:19 TASR

THERE IS THE CLÀR. The Slovak Republic Government is ready to support Slovakia Kia Motors investors in the 4.0 business area and cars with other motions.

Minister of Economics of Slovak Republic, Peter Žiga (Smer), Wednesday following a meeting with President and Kia Motors Executive Director of Slovakia Dae-Sik Kimom at the Teplička nad Váhom center.

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There may be support from the state

Kia Motors Slovakia, according to the Minister of Economy and its supply network to Soviet economy columns, is an important employer.

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"The government represents its contribution to this important investment and is ready to talk to supporting further action, including investment in develop, add value and co-competitiveness to the rest of the world, "said Ziga.

Dae-Sik Kim was worth her & # 39; opportunity to communicate with Kia Motors Slovakia with the Minister of Economics.

"This year, we introduced three new business versions of the Kia Ceed to ensure we have competitiveness in Europe, and we also talked about the challenges facing the industry of the equipment in the Slovak Republic, future technologies, other drivers and upsets and robots, "he said.

Investing activities

Kia Motors Slovakia continues its investment activities this year and intends to invest money on almost 200 million inches in total.

"In addition to the investments associated with launching the new modules, their company opened their own health center in August in its range. planting, recruitment of new resources to prevent work disorders, and we expect to continue our investments in 2019 to improve our functions in Slovakia and Europe, "said José Baéé, a spokesman Car.

Kia Motors Slovakia is the only production center in Kia Motors Corporation in Europe. They built it between 2004 and 2006.

Vehicle representation in addition to motor engines began in December 2006. In Slovakia, Kia currently employs more than 3,800 people.

He presents Kia Ceed models in two behavioral styles – Ceed, Sportswagon, Kia Sportage sports facilities and Kia Venga MPV family.

From the beginning of series production, over 3.1 million vehicles and more than 4.7 million engines have left the factory.

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