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The Minister of Economy, Peter Ziga (Smer) says that the government will plan for the transformation of brown coal mining in Nitra Uachd by 2023 the next week.

"We are preparing the materials that will mean that we will see the Action Plan for Upper Nitra, which also considers the reduction of the term on coal mining in the general economic interest to the called 2030 to 2023, "said the TASR of the Zig Zag. The European Commission's study also works with this date.

Ziga says 2023 does not mean that mines and # Coal erosion at that time, but then the state will to defer support to make household electricity. "This means they have to change to market conditions and they need to look for clients who have not subsidized coal prices but will work on the principle of a competition," said the minister.

Customers count $ 115 million in electric bills annually. This is related to the fact that the state has also commissioned power plants to create electricity from a brown Slovak coal, with a loss being covered by the operating costs of a system called. Companies that supply electricity to complete consumers are transferred to housing households.

The ministerial ministry, together with the Deputy Prime Minister's Office, Richard Raši, will announce the next week's recommendation to go to; public identification.

Review the term

Still three years ago, Fic Government agreed calmly to subsidy for mines by 2030. Now, however, at the weight of the European Commission, the state is changing its mind.

In February this year, Eurocommissioner Maroš Šefčovič, several members of Smer, Trenčín, and people from Hornonitrians, sent a debate in Trenčín about the area's move after they dropped. It was the decision of the meeting that an action plan had been written by "the Transforming the Upper Nitra Region in the Context of Switching from Coal Utilization" by the end of June this year.

The aim is to create, in particular, projects that are financed by golds that affect mining closure are very ineffective and many non-organisms.

Ziga recently said in that Markiza

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