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Life within us all

Microbes & I am a new collaborative series between BBC Future and BBC Good Food.

In the series, we will look at recent research on the # 39; A microbioma of a drug that lives in all of us.

We will investigate how it affects our health, what may be adversely affected, and its; Suggest recipes that can help you successfully.

About 10 years ago, Niall Potts, a founder of vegan diner, the Vurger Co, worked for a long time in hard work when he started to get stomach pain.

They went on every few weeks, and lasted for 12 hours each time, for the next five years, but exams did not have anything in addition to "little stomach ".

Then, Potts had been vacated to LA for a couple of weeks, and he was eating healthier. He did not have much meat or milk, either, which had previously made a large part of a diet. His stomach pains disappeared from the scene, and when he returned to the UK, Potts started vegan food, avoiding food from animals, meat, fish, eggs, milk and honey.

"As well as being pushing my stomach to go away, I gave a great awareness of my overall education," said Potts on her. first month of mail to go.

"I had never been healthier, I had better energy and skin, and I could not set the changes to anything else. And it's not really a good thing & Annam. "

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Potts says that the journey made out what effect it was; At food we've got our tools. In fact, not everyone does include meat or milk, but there is a Most of us have the potential effects of our diet on our general wellbeing.

But our diet does not have an impact on our strategies on how we can do it; feeling, as happened by Potts. There is also increasing evidence that it is also a affecting the structure and operation of microbiot, the trillions of a drug that remains within our devices, which also affect our health. And some studies have found that the vegan diet is the most healthier.

The vegan diet is usually considered lower in protein, calcium, saturated fat and salt. As vegans have a more restricted diet, they are largely absorbed by eating higher in religious fiddlers, found in foods such as marriages, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit and grains, the omnivore diet.

Of course, these foods are among the healthiest we can eat – and the emerging consensus, that, as a general rule, well-established food for Our general health is also the best thing for our microbiomes too. But the effects of vegan diets are not just on that machine.

Danilo Ercolini, a professor of microbiology at the University of Naples, conducted a study of most insects and vegetable plants, but only 30% of omnivores, a diet that was comparable to the Mediterranean food. That is a high diet in whiskers, vegetables and fruit foods, as well as the addition of extra olive oil, and low in cheese and sugar.

By giving anti-inflammatory actions that are in place; going on in the bone, can help with & # 39; stopping up and developing some diseases

It was closely linked to continental feeding with higher levels of mass; short chain fat tools in burghs. The molecule is widely considered to be important for health. colons, and its rest of the body.

In ongoing research, Ercoloni found that polyphenols, the micronutrients found in a plant-based food, are also useful for gut health and have anti-inflammatory properties.

There are many health issues, including syndrome of unhappy wheels (IBS), inflammatory disease (IBD) disease and obesity, and coming from a stream, says Ercolini. By giving anti-inflammatory actions that are in place; going on in the bone, can help with & # 39; stopping up and developing some diseases.

Luca Cocolin, a professor of agricultural bio-biology at the University of Turin, Italy, has found in his research that vegetarians and vegans, which are resemblances in cells, depend on a metabolic path to the work of a bone that did not omnivores S-

Omnivores had actions to deal with metabolism of meat parts, but vegans had posts related to the movement of micro-organisms; including flagellin, and can protect against diseases that include cancer.

"I think, but an additional diet based on planting can help to develop careers that may be protected from some of the diseases, although there is no I still have data to support this view, "he said.

Worrying at some

Some researchers have found that it is unsure to be & # 39; Acceptance to insect feeding is always vegetal-based.

Ricci Antonia, scientist leader at the Istituto Istituto Zoomrofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezi, an Italian scientist's organization, recently analyzed the long-term shear and did not find any difference between them and those who ate insect food.

Ercolini argues that the veganic diet is usually the easiest health

Antonia received more than 100 healthy people, and asked for a third of them. in a vegetarian, the third vegan and the third omnivores, did not record what they ate for two weeks, and gave samples of one to investigate their microbial community.

It was surprised that there are no differences in the number or number of bacteria between the three groups. But when she looked at the different methods of her animals, she found out that the three groups had been in her hands; spend much more than everyday beef, and not enough protein or carbohydrates. She says that this is usually for Western nutrition, whether it's a food, vegetation or a whole, and that this may have been the same as their microscopes.

Ercolini argues that the veganic diet is usually the easiest health. He also found in his survey that many of the omnivores who were significantly admitted to the Middle Continental test lost less than three animal protein products each week. Those omnivores have the same benefits for the health of the microbiota and the fatty fat acids in the vegetables and vegetables that the diet was like the meals of the Mediterranean.

"For those who are wild for health reasons, in my opinion, they should reconsider it, because it's not good enough to be good at food options," he said.

"The more varied animals are better than you, so you can find all kinds of fibers. You can still be awful and eat enough vegetables and avoid eating non- healthy foods such as moving food, especially animals. "

Go into the meat off

Researchers will break their numbers into three categories: vegan, vegetables and omnivore. However, although a number of surveys have shown differences in a & # 39; bone vegan between the vegan and omnivore diet, there are fewer differences between the vegan and vegetarian diet. One reason for this could come into a general carnal closure.

The way in which vegan foods can be especially beneficial if there is a lot of detection

Wendy Dahl, a professor in food science and human nutrition at the University of Florida, has discovered that high-protein diet containing red meat is linked to making more TMAO, associated metabolism Heart disease caused by micro microbes and incorporated into the body. Some surveys have found that people who use vegan foods have lower levels of TMAO.

The way in which vegan foods can be especially beneficial if there is a great deal of diet deficiency, arguing Dahl. No daytime fiberglass can not be seen. Once it arrives at & # 39; Big dogs, it will be broken down with bacteria, and then the objects of this fish process will be taken into account. The volume of charbohydrates, a fiber store, which creates short fat acids.

"For people who eat high-quality foods, low-fiber foods, the fiber deficiency is available for bacteria that means that they contain anything, the protein of the among them, "said Dahl. "This makes other combinations that are likely. You want to bacteria the bacteria instead of protein."

Gary Wu, a professor of gastroenterology at the Perelman Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania, has also discovered differences between microbiota of vegans and omnivores, but higher numbers of metabolites in blood vessels.

He says that, although this may be due to fences being more likely to be & # 39; getting more of a plant-based, and less likely to develop heart disease, it is still unclear if the health and the microbiotic gut links are the cause and influence.

Research deficiencies

"It's an emergency situation," said Cocolin. "Researchers must change from surveys to relationship checks. It is complex, but we need to reach a place where we show a kind of activity in the associated bone to human health. "

If any vegan is causing any changes in the bone, these changes can not be in a position; last as long as the person who maintain the diet

One case that compares long-term health vegans with those who do it; Following an omnivore diet that a large number of insects that choose their diet for health reasons.

This means that they are also more likely to be involved in other healthy behaviors, such as regular exercise and eating more fruit and vegetables, and less in appearance and drink, according to research, and the These lifestyle factors also affecting gut microbesoma.

There is also bad news for all the omnivores and vegetables that took part in Veganuary: if vegan food causes any changes in the bone, these changes can not be done; last as long as the person who maintain the diet.

Investigators started to analyze the impact of & # 39; Frozen virus on the back in the 1980s, but there were no bigger ones then, and so it was harder to investigate the effects of long-term nutrition. And researchers say that it is not yet clear if it can be & # 39; Accepting vegan veins may cause any changes in flu like a long-term vegan.

We have been converted to a vegan diet that we have changed the configuration of our devices within 24 hours, but these changes may be back again After just 48 hours of going to & # 39; including the previous diet.

"Diets are a major part of our microbiotic droplets, but more by changing gut bacteria or to prove it," said Cocolin.

"You can change the microbiotic methods in a day subject, which will affect the way microbiotic works and behaviors, but when you go back to an original diet, the microbiot will be & # 39; they go back to their origins, "he said.

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