Charlotte Russe, including design, opens 100 shops

Wholesaler of women's Charlotte Russe is working back, just a month after plans were announced to close all her sources.

The social media accounts of Charlotte Russe this week revealed that the new "Charlotte Russe" will aim to re-open 100 shops around the U.S and launch "a new online shop experience".

"New team New to sit. New Charlotte Russe," said the company.

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The company had been working for credit protection Chapter 11 in February and then they said they were going out of business and closed all its sources.

The Charlotte Russe products and their associated intellectual property were sold at the end of March to the clothes manufacturer YM Inc. in accordance with news release. According to its website, YM Inc. including measures such as Urban Planet, Sirens, Stiches, Bluenotes, Suzy and West49.

"We are very excited Charlotte Russe comes into YM's branding sector. This construction will be embracing with a retail stage and giving Charlotte Russe a step forward to grow. T Over the past few months, "Dayna Quanbeck, interim CEO of Charlotte Russe."

The company has not yet identified when and who is investing in it. The advertisement on Thursday said that you had been keeping an eye out for more information coming soon.

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