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31 March 2019 by being # 39; Zachary Shahan

I've been closely following Tesla for around 7 years. Confident predictions about Tesla's tight death have been common for much longer. These have come from foreign carrier vehicles, senior executives retired, non-prestigious execs, miniature retailers or too small shipmen. pretend to be TV entertainers without news and journalists, paid trolleys, and perhaps others, I forgive to honor here.

I'm not sure when the first production of bankruptcy or death was due to start, but the testament of 'Tesla Death Watch' came on May 19th, 2008. Something happened over my mind. So why not have fun with it? Why not do anything with the smells of smears and try to have plenty of fun in the process?

The idea I put into my head was t we will begin the process of celebrating Tesla's death!!

Elon responded to our view. this is No photograph from Tesla Model Y. t

Response from continued with Elon to our view, after thinking about it for a few seconds. Again, this is not an animation from the Tesla Model Y. Publishing event. Do not attempt to compare this image with any part of the Tesla video from that event.

The idea of ​​the simple event is simple. We will encourage Tesla owners and supporters to start or come forward with the Tesla celebrations on 19 May 2019. If you are interested in starting or participating with us t then jump to our contact form and select "I want to host the 11-year Death Death event from Tesla!

If you are still not sure, take your time to think about it – you have two and a half months to consider and plan. But then, come on, what is it to think about?

That's all. We are going to encourage guests to focus their test exams and present the Tesla 3 model, Model X, Model S, and Roadster, but are dependent on guests and com- posers. participants as they decide to identify. You could keep a house, party, party or Tesla camping party.

You could also have a big expedition, organize a Tesla march, organize a day out for the Tesla race, or create the creation of Tesla scooters.

You could have a big party, organize a day of packs with Tesla Summon, or try to record the highest number of dance Model Xs.

I'm sure there are lots of interesting ideas that the Tesla owners and supporters could come up to celebrate their Tesla 11th anniversary. The one thing I can not understand is why there is anyone not hosting or celebrating the death of Tesla's death.

To get more feelings of enthusiasm, I am to repeat my three favorite articles from the Tesla Flashbacks series. Enjoy it!

29th August, 2018

10 years ago, now-rabid CNBC from Tesla did not know from your mother. Fox News was busy complaining that Obama encouraged people to keep their tires well. Looking for Alpha? Well, I couldn't find one Tesla story on Seeking Alpha published in August 2008. But some of the offerings on the “The Truth About Cars” website featured something. 39. They showed the # Tesla Death Watch program # 17.

That is the heart of that visionary role: t

“They are head for the 100 cars they promise each month. You know; once they are transmitted without transmission. in October. Tours. Or later. Meanwhile, according to the Tesla newsletter which was distributed on Wednesday evening, the Lotus collection has fifteen cars in Hethel, England England ready to launch 'b' to CA bats and powertrain. I admit that he is: fifteen more cars fourteen than I raised (s). Want to see the Tesla showroom? These Silicon Valley boys aren't just like Scrooge McDuck when he reaches his destinations. Even if you count every customer car at its new price of $ 120k, that's just $ 1.8m of total income. What will be the guarantee that each of these cars will ultimately pay Tesla money (at the time of Aston Martin at la David Brown's)? Never mind. The planet's saving is hard work, but someone has to do it. ”

Talk about smart cookies, eh? They saw what's going up. There wasn't a Tesla at all. Certainly he couldn't build cars. And he didn't know how to manage money. And if Tesla were to build cars, he'd be sure that these cars would cost more for building and market than for customers to pay for. Well, too bad – Tesla may have built some fun cars if he had been successful.

Chapter 16 was published the previous week. Here is a summary from the following: t

“Now, if Tesla is able to make more representation, it's not out of costs, keep costs under control (bring seen that showroom?), raise more money, raise more profits and dispose of competitors, we can remove them from Death View. ” t

Ha. Smart. Funny. Visual. Spot the money. Indeed, Tesla couldn't do any of these things. Good thing, the "The Truth About Cars" heroes were visiting a spade for a spade.

Oh, wait – Tesla did not die in 2008?

Strangely, he didn't die, but some of the same people who sent the Death Watch leaflet claim that Tesla will leave any day. (Note: They are no longer writing on “The Truth on Cars.” Indeed, some of them have increased their credit to some larger websites.)

Here is a selection of mail from 2008 from one of the thought provoking thinkers who are proudly continuing to publish for Tesla:

“Tesla Motors says it gets 90 acres between San Jose and Santa Clara, CA to build its flagship hub. Oh, and production facilities for the incoming simulator (it seems, White Star). The advert takes all types of inspiration amongst the types of people using words like uaine green collar lar work and. Clear '.

Silly hippies.

The team filmed some community service meeting Megan Fox for talking about the Tesla she was buying someday. “At least Tesla, Megan, you don't have enough money. And then there is the story. “That's right, it's only a dream, because Tesla can't build cars, ya you know?

Oh, I forgot a program. Back in July 2008, the boys went on forever and helpful New York Times (Yes, that New York Times). This is a quote from the article Hours:

“Just as it has been a success with Tesla doing an expensive electronic sports car that's not making it possible to make a mixed 5-seed seal. The second is a much more difficult jump… It's another Tesla skeptic with David Cole, the chair of the Center for Car Research. For one thing, he says, the battery will not work in the Roadster in a heavier car. “Lithium batteries are going to change the world,” he said, “but they're not ready for the main time. ”Roadster's Tesla solution – connecting thousands of small batteries along with one giant – is sub-standard. “On some level of difficulty, picking up a sports car is 2. It is a vehicle with lots of affordable price.

The boys were not a truthy car for being left from the understanding prognosticating, adding, “Come into the club Joe. And thanks for reading. “See, not only New York New Builders is fast. t Even the boys of cars recognize a smile when they see one. They can even write jokes from time to time. Table A:

Imagine “Testa” the word for the Tesla heroes? Come in, this one is timeless! Well, it goes back at least as far as 2009.

“Gawker reports that Tesla spinmeister Daryl Siry left Silicon Valley as a starting point because Chief Executive Elon Musk (above) was pushing for similar investments to Sam S. Mod S (aka WhiteStar) merely as an idea. Tesla does not have a factory or fund for its building. When Mus Musk announced that the DOE would give permission for a Tesla loan application (apparently not) and decided to accept the Mod S $ 40K (next month) elections, Siry's silage and baking. . ”

Siry's good thing left in 2009, before a shock hit the fans and he lost t tons money. (Full proof: I have never remember the Siry's name before, and I can still prove that the entries above are not valid. But in both ways, he seems that he has disappeared. Just before he burnt, he set foot.

Historical end of the writer to that article: “In the meantime, documentary evidence from Tesla forums suggests that the real winner here is: the Fisker Karma. ”

Ah, of course, the Karma Fisker.

To be fair, Fisker could be back, and the writer of that article is still warning that Tesla could fall at any time.

A few months later, this title of another job on a blog Truth About Cars: “Tesla's Ponks Scheme Rakes in $ 2.6M. At least." Ponzi Scheme – wise. Who would have imagined that imagination? I am honored to live at the moment, to look at the literature as it shares from today's Mark Twains keyboard, and George Bernard Shaws.

Ok, that's 9 years ago, so it might not just be a bit new. But is it not relevant for undetected? We can register a “Ponzi” to Tesla broadcast daily.

Death Watch team also received a letter from Tesla's Chief Executive and Chair Elon Musk to enable staff back in 2009 to be taken forward today: t

“That's why I am worried about sending out to the media. It's strongly influencing free communication when small issues are released and blown apart. It's good that a company like Tesla, who is doing very well at the moment (how many companies can say they are sold out in October?) Suffers from incorrect articles on blog sites that it would not have any credit, but to comment on. leaking. Often the outfit is not entirely correct! ”

Good thing the media did much better about not breaking small things out of each other.

Next door there is a good one to finish today. The title is too good. Again, this story is from 2009. T. Here is: “Tesla Claims Profit from Tesla: Do we believe we are in this area? ”

That's right – don't believe Elon Musk or anyone else from Tesla when they tell you to make a profit or not. it just started turning the profit. People can be bold, and even if communications can be profitable, it is a lie, and you cannot believe the consumer and traffickers when you are able to lie. They know that they are profitable.

If you are suggesting these ideas above, you will find out the early chats of conversation that are still happening today on Twitter, Looking for Alpha, CNBC, and even some. CleanTechnica articles. Nothing has changed.

Remember that Tesla built a very small run of Roadsters to make around 20,000 cars each month, or a rate of 240,000 cars a year.

Oh, yes, you are still here? As a reward for your continuity, I spent time trying to find my first article about Tesla. We started Tesla here on CleanTechnica back in March 2009 with the article “The Tesla S new model… is very poor,” but my first article about the company wasn't written until May 2012 when it was # 39 I'll publish Tesla Motors to Start Delivery Model S on 22 June. “That was just over 6 years ago – but it's sure that you feel like decades.

This was a phrase from Elon Musk back in the article in May 2012: “In 2006 our plan was to build an electric sports car and affordable electricity supplies after that and our dependence on oil. T was reduced. A key part of that plan is Model Delivery S and represents the Tesla movement to a mass production machine and the strongest car company in the 21st century. ”Grand plans. There was a lot of laughing. Who's laughing now?

January 12, 2019

I was looking for old information about the Model X on Friday and I was falling over interesting news stories that led me to represent a little about the development of Tesla. Then I moved over more. And then more. So, I decided to build this up some of the Tesla news repeats.

Back in 2009, award-winning Elon Musk $ 1 million big retailer Tesla can produce the Model S by the end of 2012 with the specs on display. Tesla Cape. Elon gave $ 1 million to charity anyway.

Back in 2010, Toyota & Tesla announced that they were working together on a affordable electric car. Going through? That was the Toyota RAV4 EV, which had Tesla internals and outside Toyota. It was a very popular car with the small number of people who got one in their garages, but it didn't see many states, not to mention other countries.

Back in 2011, Tesla planned to sell 30,000–35,000 Model S vehicles and Model X together every year. Tesla now sold 100,000 a year.

Also back in 2011, Elon Musk expected Tesla to produce a quarterly profit in 2013. tSnicker, snicker.) He did so.

Back in 2012, Tesla was delighted with the 'X Model' held in any 500 days! (Actually.) Me, as times have changed!

Back in the end of 2012, Tesla opened the first two Superchargers on the US East Coast.

In January 2013, we discovered that Tesla had made a “Model Y,” which would mean SEXY (back at that time, Tesla was thought to be the result of a Tesla vehicle device). happens).

Also back in 2013, Tesla announced that it was hindering to getting out the Model X almost a year … because the Model S was so big. It was something that had long been forgotten or left behind, but it was an early sign that demand from Tesla was much larger than about everyone who was involved. expected.

A few weeks later, Tesla proudly stated that she was representing 500 symbols of the Model S weekly model. Wow! (OK, I'm doing sports now, but that was a big milestone and a multi-year series of milestones that brought us today.) Maybe that won't be the case. long before 90,000 Teslas are now small cards, and even funny.

Also in 2013, Elon Musk said the company's 4 th model (which had not been named Model 3) would be released by 2017. Many of the Tesla judges laughed as independence. Tesla indeed distributed the 4th model in 2017. t

Also back in 2013, we started to find out that Tesla Model S was pushing a big car competition in the US. Indeed, those who were coming up with Tesla births and short films were back in tears, with shortlisting, and the request that their application be in demand. the start would fall and Tesla would now be just as bad. In fact, the S Model continued to make a big impact on the large motor car sector and continued to replace # 1 in 2018 – hugely.

In January 2014, I summarized the 13 electric vehicles approaching the market in the United States and Europe, at: BMW i3, BMW i8, Tesla Model X, Volkswagen e-Up !, Golf- Volswagen, Cadillac ELR, Kia Soul EV, Electric Class Mercedes-Benz B, Porsche Panamera Plug-in S E-Hybrid, Nissan e-NV200, and three Via Motors modules (never to be used for consumer markets). Finding out how times have changed!

Recently I got a bit of fun clashing with Tesla's old news and placing it into the context of this company's progress so far, which will be so interesting. I've also extended 11 years of getting FUD around Tesla and say it has been ready for the last ten years. And I explored 8 “impossible” goals the company had achieved. But I forgot that a reader list his own favorite memories in October. It's also a great list, so I'm writing about it for another tour of 'Tesla Flashbacks.'

In 2012, an IHS surveyor seemed to be starting FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) connected with the idea that Tesla killers would be born before anyone came to know about the matter. He said, “a number of the companies are still working against the company, not much of which is a major competitive problem against the driving force of the day, despite the tension. a lot of money that Tesla received.

“The $ 57,400-and-up $ 64,900-and-up Tesla Model S will be an interesting proposition for the consumer of a luxury car. It includes an extract (medium-sized sporting sedans) that does not show a large volume – and one in which the brandy loyalty tends to be strong.

“Tesla likes to recommend the Model S is unique and will set it apart from a competition which includes supporters such as BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz E. Class, and a dozen other modules.

“It might be – if Tesla's sales objectives are not very ambitious, they could be met. It is possible to sell a few miles of anything in this country, in terms of the value of a novel. IHS Automotive finds out that if Tesla can take the car to market, it probably sells at least a few miles.

“But the idea is that a Tesla tens of thousands of Model S shedans could be sold in USA. Most of the vehicles in that area will be segregated but only a few tens of thousands themselves, with some models – Audi A6, Jaguar XF, Lexus GS – sell well below 10,000 sales per year.

“Remember that hybrid vehicles, which are much easier to work in and operate the electric car, are still only 2 to 3 per cent of the overall US market. And a recent research note from Deloitte & Touche recommends that car buyers want a debate at the moment. ”

Folly indeed. Did he really get paid for his analysis? Well, of course, it was like many other analysts said the same thing.

I have to confess – I was on a number of conferences with business researchers that I was clear in a “real” corner and to a great extent the “pro-Tesla” voice would be a debate. As it showed, my points were much more fruit than I had heard over the years.

In the same interview, however, the analyst also pointed out how Tesla is doing amalgamation as well as the inside construction work. “I didn't know how much of the technology in the Model S was developed within the organization.

“Tesla does almost everything on the Model S itself. The exceptions are some heavier parts, such as the pedal box and pillar column, which are derived from Daimler. Tesla even makes her own plastic parts, by using Toyota's left gadgets at the Fremont Inn, California. "

Their in-house housing and innovations gave their belief in Tesla's chances of survival than before.

“I still think it's a companion who needs Tesla in the long run. But it is indeed demonstrated that partners who are interested in getting more connections, can also sell their own cars to make money.

“I remain concerned about the market opportunities for Module S and the demand for $ 57,400-plus $ 65,000-plus all-electricity from a well-known brand, compared to a less than 20% discount on the market. Competition now and in the future. ”

In 2014, CNN Business / CNN Money came to the conclusion that Tesla's sales were pulling out. “Tesla expects to sell 35,000 of the Model S worldwide in 2014, but Autodata sales indicators estimate that sales in the first quarter are up less than 1%. … Investors are increasingly concerned about the decline in North America's delivery material, according to Adam Jonas, an analyst by Morgan Stanley. “Global sales of the Model S are now ~ 50,000 per year, as is Model X sales, and sales are Model 3 is much higher. Those analysts seem to have bothered nothing about anything.

In April 2015, one technician offered to pick up a little bit funny for the Model S compared with the new plug-in from BMW. He asked BMW i8 for a week and got a lot of attention for him. It didn't seem he got attention from Tesla drivers, and then he made some strange decisions about it. “However, this phenomenon was amazingly surprising: drivers about Tesla Model S. Others go down a window, dragging a picture, or simply asking what. it was. I was sharing a few hounds with the BMW owners i3 and even the Chevy Volt, another two electric vehicles. But Tesla drivers didn't make eye contact strongly. I met two or three dozen over one week, but didn't recognize any driver Model S that my car was in it – it couldn't be an unbelievable loss. In a short time Motla Tesla created the concept of the eco-supercar – at least consumer level – and has gained control of the sector for three years. But next to BMW, Tesla was old. ”

Haha. Did the writer think that Model S drivers had not been seen or seen on the i8 out of uncertainty? They weren't sure they knew the i8 because it doesn't compare to Model S in many important respects. That helps to explain why historic i8 sales are like looking at dirt alongside a mountain of Model S sales so far.

Ongoing: “But there is a i-series BMW, launched in Germany at the end of 2013, on any doubts that have revealed that Germany is to be a candidate in what I call the Race. T Great for electricity. Indeed, although Porsche sells versions of Panamera and Cayenne SUV, it can be said that the first i8 challenge for the Ecic Model was Tesla's model. I can create a sale card to show how lazy they were, but honestly it wasn't even time. The i8 is a nice car and it's great fun in its own way, but it's not a Mod S contestant and never had the chance to be one. (For the registration, I own BMW i3 and I like it, and I like to keep the style of i8, but the reason I'm due is that it sold its price) The market he used for so long under his original MSRP was that he stole for a fun car, and also the first electric vehicle I drove on, and I think it's like the first love t there for me. ” t

In an 2015 article on BMWBlog (which is normally the norm during BMW), the writer was diligently introducing a BMW plug-in hybrid with power oodles. He wrote, “Now if Elon Musk hears about this, it's inevitable that he won't feel the exams are just the Thing & # 39; And that it has test projects too, but that the Thing & # 39; using a gasoline device beside it with electricity that the Model S does not exist. I do, however, think that this is a point of sale for BMW technology as it is over modules with Model S. Plug-in which offer greater flexibility, as they may be filled with gasoline as required. So no longer has a worry about it. Although Mr Musk says it is deleting a serious fault, there is no situation where a range of plug-in plugins are available in super-electric car. ”

If you read CleanTechnica Often, a certain story might have been published by my weekend. It seems that Tesla sold a more 3s Model in 2018 in the US than all the other movers sold each other. The Model 3 wasn't just pressing BMW hybrid models at BMW. He pressed BMW + GM + Ford's + Daimler's + Toyota's +++ Chrysler's + Mitsubishi's + Hyksdai ++; s. T Tell me again, how will a hybrid plug-in plug versus a full electric pipeline well designed?

In August 2015, Reuters nonetheless, “The Silicon Valley cleaner loses more than $ 4,000 per model S Model electricity that sells, uses its count of work loss, and burned $ 359 million in total. t Last money in a bull market for luxurious vehicles. ”Obviously this was a misrepresentation of the story or a misleading means of communication. Tesla sold thousands of modules Ss per month, and each one was making a profit from the company. (Indeed, Tesla has very big margins on Modal S.). At the same time, Tesla was investing tons of money into a fast-paced, sustainable development where it is today – selling tens of thousands of miles. monthly cars and profits.

Getting back beyond February 2016 we have to complete one of our preferred options. That is Bob Lutz, former vice-chairman of GM (amongst other things), saying it would be impossible to build a Tesla X Model because it did not make Tesla's entire business model. “The Tesla business model is based above… their costs have always been higher than their income,” said Lutz to CNBC. “They must always get more capital, and then go through it.

“Ged [Tesla’s] a car is wonderful, the business has always been lousy. Now it is particularly excellent because there is a universal demand for electric vehicles down. And this is why this is going to kill Tesla: whether there is user demand for electric vehicles or not, the big OEMs such as Ford, GM, Toyota, Volkswagen… they need electric cars. T build – a specific number – to meet the requirements in around half of the states. These must be smeared into the market, so they can no longer sell SUVs and full-size pickers, and actually make the money they actually make. That is going to reduce the price of electric vehicles generously. …

“Tha coltas gu bheil am Mod X gun thogail leis na dorsan sgèithe fèin-ghluasadach sin, a thuirt a h-uile duine sa ghnìomhachas nach robh a’ dol a dh'obair. ”

A ’bhliadhna roimhe sin, thuirt Lutz gun robh Tesla mu choinneamh“[the] trì-chasach de doom … Airgead falaichte, maoin fo-mhaoinichte, agus clàr sgaoilidh. ”

Shhh, chan eil duine ag innse do Bob gu bheil Tesla a-nis a ’toirt a-mach Modail X (a’ reic ~ 50,000 gach bliadhna), gun do sgaoil an dorais agus prothaid an àite, nach eil luchd-dèanaidh eile fhathast a ’farpais le Tesla, a dh’ iarrtas airson carbadan dealain air èirigh na tuiteam, agus a rèir coltais tha am modail gnìomhachais Tesla air taobh dheis suas.

Ceart gu leòr, tha sinn gu bhith cothromach airson mòmaid – bha e furasta gun a bhith a ’tuigsinn buannachd agus comasachd Tesla air ais san latha, no fiù 's beagan bhliadhnaichean air ais. Ciamar a bhiodh fios aig a h-uile duine dè a bha ann an Tesla agus carson a bha na carbadan aige agus a bhiodh cho mòr a bha nas farpaisiche na na buidhnean-chàraichean eile? Uill, gu dearbh, bha mòran de luchd-leantainn a ’tuigsinn sin uile. Bha iad tric air an ainmeachadh le bhith a ’gluasad às gu h-eanchainn, deoch-cobhair Kool, luchd-leantainn cultish. Chaidh an leigeil seachad le luchd-sgrùdaidh agus “eòlaichean carbaid.” Chaidh a bhruthadh gu oisean dorcha leis a ’mhòr-chuid de na meadhanan. (Gu dearbh, tha e duilich smaoineachadh air prìomh mheadhanan mheadhanan nach do ghabh ris gun robh sinn ann an oisean dhorcha.) Mhìnich sinn na buannachdan a bha an lùib nan specs, ann am powertrain dealain air a dheagh dhealbhadh, ann an fòcas corporra làn dealain, ann an bathar-cruaidh seasmhach. agus innleachdas bathar-bog ann an cuairtean leasachaidh luath, ann an in-thaigh de phrìomh phàirtean, agus mar sin air adhart. Ach cha robh sinn ach luchd-leantainn. Dè eile a chanadh sinn?

Is dòcha leis an ath chuairt de Tesla a dh ’amaisidh e air na prìomh mheadhanan ùine a chaitheamh ag ionnsachadh bho na daoine sin a tha nas eòlaiche air Tesla, agus a bheir guth neo-eisimeileach air a’ chompanaidh gun a bhith a ’feuchainn eas-thuigse gun adhbhar. No dìreach lean ort a ’dèanamh na tha thu air a bhith a’ dèanamh.

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