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Ceimotherapy does not work in some patients with blood cancer. Recent research has identified a new type of drug that may help.

Myeloid leukemia is a severe type of blood cancer that kills more than 10,000 people annually in North America. Chemistry can often cure this disease, but it is still a failure of one third of the patients. Most of those patients who do not have a " stand against chemotherapy. Due to this high rate of failure, new medicines are needed for blood cancer.

The work of a researcher in the clinic and the laboratory

Our bodies depend on blood cells to help protect our system and take oxygen from the lungs to the organs where it is needed. As usual, these bone cells are made in bone marrow. Acute myeloid leukemia begins when the bone marrow begins to cause cell cells that do not work properly.

Canada's research team has been investigating bone marrow cells from patients facing chemotherapy, and hope to identify why their blood cancer is so hard to handle. They recently identified a new drug that would make more effective chemotherapy. They will publish the results in the magazine Finding LochalshSouth Westerly

How to cause cancer cells to kill themselves

Many chemotherapy drugs work to verify cancer cells to & # 39; self-kill. The researchers tried to find out why this was not the case; happening in these patients who resist chemotherapy. They found the problem to one protein that was made over the bone marrow cells. This protein, MDM2, blocks the suicide path, and # 39; preventing cancer cells from blood killing themselves.

Drugs that block MDM2 can help with the work of chemotherapy drugs

Researchers may be able to influence those drugs that MDM2 activity can help with chemotherapy drugs to kill blood cancer cells. To prove this, they gave bone cells from a patient with a blood patient who served chemotherapy and put them into your mice. Those mice go to & # 39; improving leukemia, weight loss, and then death.

Mice received daunorubicin, a normal chemotherapeutic drug, remained slightly longer than the mice without any cure, but still still die. However, all the mice were given as a result of the combination of chemotherapy and drugs preventing MDM2. In fact, these mice returned their lost weight after them to grow lensis and apparently had all gone in.

Next step: patients with clinical diagnosis

It is possible to save 100% of mice with leukemia very confident. However, clinical trials are required to show MDM2 barriers safe and effective in humans. The researchers are now planning a clinical trial, and I hope that this study will end a cure that could save the lives of thousands of patients with blood cancer.

Written by Bryan Hughes, PhD


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