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Dock Doc | Can Chlamydia cause dementia? | Outlook

Q. Doc D 'I read your article last week about sex at pregnancy and I saw that you said you were defending yourself from STI when you're pregnant. It made me think that chlamydia can cause illness to kill? I was tested on it after I had difficulties getting into my hands and that caused my loss and after that I was told I had it. I was really sorry that I forgot that would have lost my child, and would I be tested again in the next lot to stop it?

A. I am sorry to hear about the baby. It is common to think whether your child will be affected by the birth of a sword. Clalamia is one of the most common sexual diseases (STIs).

There is! chlamydia infection can get another birth.

In 2011, a study of blood, blood and fake bacteria by women who found chlamydia and miscarried, believed there was an increased risk of prevention in women caught by chlamydia, compared to women. women who are not.

Other problems that might be caused by Chlamydia when you're pregnant are: t

-Planning delivery

Pre-embryonic of trees (Dropping the water around the early boy) t

– Births birth

Your child can be infected by chlamydia when you were born with it if you were not being treated when you are pregnant, and this could cause eye diseases and lungs in a new baby.

With all these risks for pregnancy, it's a good idea to protect yourself from chlamydia both before and during pregnancy and to treat it quickly if you get it.

You should have been tested for chlamydia at your first pre-birth trip. This is because it is very common, and most women do not have chlamydia symptoms.

If you have symptoms, you may be able to get the following:

– The bitter distribution of blood

Following sex

-Viewing / burning with surprise

Fortunately, it's very simple.

When you're heavy, you can safely handle chlamydia with one measure of oral antibiotics called azithromycin. After that, you should be tested within three to four weeks to make sure the disease has gone up. You can also re-confirm your chlamydia if you don't feel heavy, just to make sure you haven't asked it again. Your partner should also be treated.

After extinct chlamydia disease, it is more likely to have ectopic disease, adding to the disease of breast cancer. Chlamydia infection can already cause fertility problems. Although ectopic pregnancy is not a pregnancy pregnancy, it is a long-term problem for chlamydia disease. It is therefore recommended that you have a high level of early illnesses in relation to your illness to prevent this detection.

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