Faye Brooks could not make anger with Gareth Gates over the Corrie storming season

Faye Brooks says that she was not angry with her husband Gareth Gates after he dismissed the game by Coronation Street so far.

Some of the audience were packed with the singer and they said there was an experience inside & # 39; added to his award by Instagram to Rana Habeeb.

Commended by actress Bhavna Limbachia, her lover on the Faye front, her character lost her life after the factory under the Underworld collapsed on top.

But the man's words came 34 years before the death sequence came to death – leaving fans continuing after the spill.

Now the couple are speaking to May well! If there is a magazine about the fall out of his social media, the actor said that he had not read the riot.

The couple are fine! stars

"It was a innocent error and it was feeling really bad," she said. “I know that fans were upset but he was proud of it and I wanted to share that with his followers.

“Most viewers knew that Rana was going to die and so he did not give the end. I wasn't angry with him and ITV wasn't there. "

Gareth said: "It was a complete disaster. We got a bit of a feeling when it was feeling and I lost time and I thought it played out on the screen.

Gareth let the cat out of the sack before Corrie collapsed on the roof

His center was not praised but Faye made her stage.

"Rana's death is the hardest thing I have ever had to film and in mind, I myself ran into the ground," she said.

Work has been done with Faye – and she has a tattoo letter ‘G 'on her ribs now.

"He is standing for Gareth," she said. "I've always wanted to be somewhere on my body, it represents that we are all together!

"I decided to get my ribs as this was the closest place to my heart. I was with Gareth when I did it, he made my hand as he was very sore!"

Gareth and Faye are stronger than ever before;

She says that she will only have 30 guests in her marriage

They have a wedding to plan next year after they split back in 2018 they're back and even better than before, she wants to.

“We've been in as much as a couple and we're coming out of that much stronger than ever,” she said.

“It's a team and our wedding day is about the next chapter of our life together. We're pretty much going to marry overseas. We have loved being very close, so only 30 people will be invited.

“The wedding will be like the biggest day of our lives and so I am going to get a lot of dress and everything of the day. I would only have a wedding once and I want it to be big. "

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