Google Toolkit has a domain on secure security devices

Since 2018 it has been possible to control your secure oral system by using Google Assistant, but so far, You can do this with Google Chrome's support tool such as Home Home or Android smartphones.

Now, Nest has mentioned that you can enable Google's voice helper to make your Nest Secure straightforward, especially to turn the warning system to a helper speaker Google – though music can not play.

So what can you do with the new integration? Well, by changing your settings in the Nest application, your nest can always listen to your instructions or questions.

If you already have a Google helper or a Google Home Hub or Google Home Mini screenshot, you may ask why you would like it; However, it may be extremely useful for you to have a right voice helper on your face door if you want to have an overview of the weather of the day, or if you want to set up your Nest customs before leave.

In fact, you can communicate with your secure nests through Google's different support device such as your phone. This means that, if you have it, you left the house in a rush and you forgot to frighten you, you can still keep the system on its arm by giving voice to your cellular phone.

What's in a secure nests?

Nest Secure is a modular security system consisting of two different components, including the Nest Guard.

This is the effect of the # 39; at work, and works as the fright and keybound as well as movement sensation. Shaped as a hockey pocket and less than the Amazon Echo Dot, you will tap your Nest Tag (which we will find in a few) to carry and disarm the system.

Nest is also secure to include a battery transfer detector, called Nest Detect. You will put it on the wall and it can be aware when doors or windows are open, and it can drag in rooms.

Nest Tag is a small slab that can be named to the & # 39; main string. It allows you to carry and deploy your security system without the need to insert a passcode.

The entire system is controlled by the Nest app, which allows you to turn alarms away and go to the speed, and send warnings to you when you move in your home.

Safe security does not come cheap; A secure Nest startup will cost $ 499 (about £ 370 / AU $ 620). This includes one Nest Guard, two Nest Detects and two Nest Tags.

You can also add other parts, with each Nest costing $ 59 (about £ 45 / AU $ 75) plus additional tags at $ 25 (approximately £ 20 / AU $ 30). The Best Company also sells a package with Nest Cam Outdoor for $ 598.

It is already available for purchase in the US, and is expected to be launched in Europe and Canada this year – so far, however, no word has been posted on the date official publication.

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