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Health officers will be able to file a & # 39; measles in Vancouver

Reptile is a very severe illness that is infected. spread easily through the air

One person was handled for a lowland hedgerow in Lowland, the Vancouver Healthcare Commission has confirmed.

A spokesperson with the health authority told Black Press Media that the chief medical officer of VCH, Dr. Patricial Daly, the proof of the person on Friday.

No public notification was made of the case confirmed, the spokesman said, because the person was no longer anxious and therefore the public was not at risk.

It is a very serious illness in her; measles that easily spread through air when a person with a disease can be spread; hitting, coughing or streams. A virus can be & # 39; measles to live in small bowls in the air for several hours. The explosion of a fluid virus is to be pulled up; make the disease very interesting.

Symbols include fever, cough, blue nose, and red and glossy eyes, which usually start to; Showing seven to 14 days after its first time. These are followed three to seven days later by a kick, which lasts at least three days.

If you think you have a needle, health officers ask you to contact your doctor.

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